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#16 Post by jjs34748 »

I don't know, but my Ortho is very informative, he will tell me exactly what he is doing and what he wants to achieve when I see him. even more so with my kids. But then I am the type of person that will ensure I know everything that is going on with my kids' heath care, no matter what. After all, it is my money that is paying for it.

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psych braces
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Hi Catgryl,
Your ortho may not actually have worse "communication issues" than most others. I started the wire sequence string. It was because I went to my ortho office to get a copy of my treatment plan because a couple days after going over it with him I was losing sleep over one of the issues discussed. His receptionist made a copy of a brief treatment plan he wrote (and I signed). I was asking the wire sequence questions because my ortho didn't communicate it with me. He is soft spoken and english is not his first language; so there exists a slight language barrier. I will be braced on monday and I plan to explicitly put a communication plan into effect by asking him to please explain all the details as he is preforming them and that I am interested in even the smallest details.

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#18 Post by catgyrl »

Thanks, psyc braces!

I think that's a good idea for you to ask him to explain everything. I know that mine knows I'm more into the minute details than most patients (judging from the numerous phone calls I made to the office before and since starting treatment). He even told me the day I got braced that he wanted to show me the two types of metal braces he used (Damon SL and non-SL) "...because I know you're interested in this stuff."

I think I have so many questions because I've never seen the treatment plan he drew up. I had my xrays, pics and impressions sent over from the first consult I had... and the next thing you know, I'm getting brackets glued to my teeth! I did ask him last week "Has the treatment plan changed from our initial consult?" and he said, "Nope, it's pretty straight forward. Extract your left bicuspid, move the teeth back and over."

I am very interested in the archwire stuff, though. I still find it fascinating that it "moves" by itself and fixes all that is wrong with our teeth. Thank you for starting the thread.


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I ask every detail of what they put on my teeth. What is the brand, what is the model number, where was it manufactured, what material is it made of, why am I getting the same archwire I had before etc. Sometimes I ask to see the original package it came from. My ortho clinic, being in Mexico, is a madhouse with teeny bopper assistants hopping around speaking SPanish and constantly calling the doctor over for help, little kids running through halls and screaming, parents arguing about their bill with the receptionist in front of everybody etc.. Most of the assistants don't know very much and aren't able to answer my questions so they send over the doctor who of course is. I don't think I have any "treatment plan", all they have on me is a thin folder which contains my original x-rays, and a piece of paper I filled out on my first appointment which contains my name, age, & parent's names.
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#20 Post by Takako »

I have no idea what kind of wire I have in, other than it's heat activated and tiny and I've had it in for 14 months now lol.

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#21 Post by drrick »

For those who do not know what type or size wire you have do not worry. Most pts do not know. I have had very few ask (mostly engineers ask)
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I don't ask, I just overhear what the OD tells the tech to put in.....last time, when I went from stainless back to NiTi, I asked the tech why, she explained==then said "how do you know, it's going "back"" I told her I do my research, so I was curious.
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#23 Post by drrick »

It isnt always going back.
Sometimes is is actually progress. Depends on the situation.
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does anyone know what kind of wire is 16-22 ? When he was talking with the nurse what kind of wire he need, he said these 2 numbers together :?: I have no idea...

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