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#31 Post by msbee »

You know, 100% of my friends have told me that "I didn't need braces, my teeth weren't that bad" etc, and I thought perhaps these guys were trying to be nice or polite...
Coz after all, it may be quite rude if they were to say "yeah, high time!" or "Good on you! I was wondering when you were gonna get round to fixing your crooked teeth"

Of course they didn't say I was wasting money, which would've been highly annoying...
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#32 Post by UGHBRACES »

Yeah my friends also said things like "i didn't think you needed braces". They definitely intended to come off as polite.

One day i was with a group of friends. One of them had just gotten her braces taken off, and another said to her "your teeth look good, they were horrible before!".
Now THAT to me is rude!!

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#33 Post by evilnel »

Wow, UGHBRACES, that is really rude!

I think I'm blessed with the greatest, most sensitive friends ever. When I post progress updates in my journal, they are very encouraging. Most said 'I never really noticed your teeth' or thought they gave me character, but are also like 'yeah, looking good!' now. If your friends can't be supportive of you, maybe it's time to examine how good of friends these people really are. You deserve to have people support you and your decisions.

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#34 Post by evilnel »

I should specify, that comment your friend made to your other friend was rude, not you. Just realized that was vague.

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