Second time around :(

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Second time around :(

#1 Post by semideym »

I just turned 26 and decided to put my braces back on after debanding a year and a half ago. I first wore braces as an adult at 23 for 2 and 1/2 years. (yes, I am another one of the I lost my retainer stories). Call me crazy because athough in the pic they do not seem that bad, I know that they shifted throughout this past year. All my friends were telling me that it was mental and they my teeth looked fine but I was not happy knowing that because I did not wear my retainer, they moved and were not as perfect as they once were!

Someone please tell me it was worth the extra $4,000! :-/


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#2 Post by ashesgap »

I'm not one to lecture or anything, but i gotta you think you'll wear your retainer this time around?
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#3 Post by hal2me »

Hi semideym!

The extra money is worth it! Please be sure to wear your retainer this time! My orthodontist told me that adult teeth have "memory" and will go right back to their original positions instantly if a retainer is not used.

This time around will go much easier for you because you know what to expect.

Best of luck to you!!!

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#4 Post by SDFD TSchott »


I had braces to about two years ago and now I'm probably going to have to get re-braced. I went into the military, went to basic training and came out of basic with a broken retainer so I ended up not wearing the retainers since I would have to fly all the way back from Texas to San Diego to get a new one made since they (orthodontist) needed to see me. So I said hell with it and just threw them out. Now today I was told one of my upper molars have tilted outward a bit, my molars in the back are back to the normal gap between teeth, and my lower jaw is back to minor crowding. Should I go back for round two I'm not sure I'm gonna leave that opinion up to my dentist to see what he thinks next round I see him.

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#5 Post by lovelyleo »

The money is only worth it if you know for sure that you will wear your retainers. Dishing out thousands of dollars and not following thru is crazy. Its like buying a car with no insurance and driving with your feet.


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#6 Post by alimommy1 »

I feel your pain - losing a retainer causes grief :x I am hoping to avoid having fixed braces again, a new ortho (I moved to another state since my first treatment) provided me a new retainer and is going to tweak my relapsed teeth with it, and I am looking at getting an inman too since he doesn't think even a spring retainer has enough force to upright my lowers.

I used to feel like crap thinking going thru it a second or third time meant you were a failure but I see a LOT of people who are or have done it. I really really think I want permanent retainers as well as removables afterwards, because I doubt I can justify a third time. The only reason I don't want to go the fixed route again is the expense... well and apparently it should only take a few months with the inman.

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#7 Post by alimommy1 »

Oh, and there's no reason to feel bad. I'll post pics sometime here, but most people tell me I'm nuts and there's nothing wrong with my teeth either. It's just different when you notice they aren't like they WERE when you first got your braces OFF.... and people who didn't know you then have no idea since they can't compare but you can.

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