sympathy needed

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sympathy needed

#1 Post by nuttynat »

sob sob :cry: :cry:

When I first got braced in January, I basically only had power chains to close my extraction gaps & the wire went across the teeth without the full set of brackets.

At my third appointment the dentist said that he'd put the full lower braces on at my next appointment. Not so bad I thought until..

Yesterday at my fourth "adjustment", I got complete upper & lower braces..

I feel like I'm back to day one what with the rubbing and the hurting. I can feel the sores starting on my bottom lip and the agony ripping through each of my teeth making them UBER senstive.

I know it's only going to be a couple of days like last time, but nonetheless, *WAAAAAAAA*

thanks for reading
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#2 Post by catfish »

I hear you, the first few days can be painful! Sorry you have to go through it again.
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#3 Post by macgirl4ever »

I can't imagine! I feel lucky that I had both upper and lower installed all on the same day. I can empathize though, I was wearing elastics on both sides for a long time and then changed to just one for five months. When my ortho went back to me wearing them on both sides, it felt just as it did when I first started to wear elastics! Hope your mouth toughens up soon!
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#4 Post by lovelyleo »

Warm salt water rinses are your friend. I still get little spots of irritation every now and again and I run for the salt. Remember it is all worth it in the end. A healthy beautiful smile. 8)


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#5 Post by Emmauk »

Easy to say especially for me as i havent even had my braces fitted yet but just try to concentrate on the end result.

Sorry i cant help

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#6 Post by suzyscientist »


That sounds rotten! I got braced upper and lower on the same day, so I guess my "getting used to it" period was shorter. It must totally suck to have to go through that twice!

The thing that really helped my poor shredded mouth, as well as the salt rinse, was to take a mouthful of warm water and just hold it in my mouth, if that doesn't sound too gross. It really helped the sores, they felt much better.

And don't forget the wax. You can never have too much wax. Oh and paracetamol. That helps too, lots!

Lots and lots of sympathy from me, good luck!


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#7 Post by cosmo »

I feel you I got my top braces and yes wax how i love thee.
I get my bottoms on this friday so i have to go through it all over again but honestly it onlast 2-3 days after getting them on sometimes i forgot i have my top braces and want to bite into pizza but can't i have to eat in pieces. :( Hang in there you have to start somewhere.


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