How long did discomfort last for after fitting?

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#16 Post by VA5 »

Oh yes.. now the memories are flooding back. Part of the reason I couldn't eat properly was the same as the other poster.. the bite changes and I remember my front teeth were not touching at all. It was the weirdest thing.. only two of my molars on one side were touching.. so I was trying to each foods with substance (nothing too hard or anything yet) on that side. it was so hard! i definitely couldn't bite into anything in the front, at all. that took over a month for me to accomplish, maybe a couple of months. i felt like a cow, trying to eat on one side like that.

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#17 Post by jambo532 »

I was sore for about 4 days then it got better. I still had a long way to go before my cheeks were ok tho. Everyone is different so you never know. I might reconsider vacation till after... or stock up on pain meds, yogurt, and wax!

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#18 Post by robojaws »

The first few days are the worst! Stock up on paracetamol and be prepared to live off soup for a's been a week since I got mine fitted and I only just managed to eat a proper meal today. Not being able to bite anything is a weird feeling! Your teeth are going to be sore for a while and getting used to eating and cleaning them will be a bit of a challenge. Not to mention them rubbing against the insides of your cheeks :? ouch!

It will be frustrating but the first week is the hardest - I hope! I wouldn't recommend going on holiday straight after you get them as you will need some time to adjust. Totally worth it in the end though. Good luck! :)

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#19 Post by I want to smile! »

Another thing I just realised - I'm trying to get travel insurance for a trip to the States this summer and none of the companies I've tried will cover me for potential breakages or dental treatment. I'm really surprised because surely people with braces go on holiday as much as anybody else. Do you just take a chance there won't be any problems or can anyone recommend an insurance company that covers this. BTW - how often do these things break? Am I being overly cautious?

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#20 Post by Pattyb »

I was really in pain for the first week or 10 days. It got better but really, it took about a month before I felt like my old self. I would go on vacation and then get the work done. Why suffer on vacation when you can do that at home with your pillow and fuzzy slippers....

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