Excited, but also puzzled ....

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Excited, but also puzzled ....

#1 Post by gabriela »

Finally decided, aged 37, to start orthodontic treatment.

Am excited about it, but a bit puzzled by the following:

In recent years I have seen several orthodontists who told me I needed 2 operations (one to widen my upper jaw, one to move forward my lower jaw), 4 teeth extracted and at least 3 years of wearing braces to get the job done. This made me decide not to go forward with the treatment.

But as my teeth keep moving in directions I don't want them, I decided to give it one more try. Now this orthodonist tells me, that it is possible to straighten my teeth, improve my overbite and get a great smile back without all that. She suggests I wear (yes, here we go!) Damon braces for about 18 months, and then it is up to me to decide if I want to undergo a minor surgery to improve the aspect of my chin.

I have tried to find more information on the web, but it is difficult for me to judge what is true and what isn't. I trust my orthodontist completely, I am just puzzled how it is possible she comes up with such and attractive treatment proposal.

Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks!

By the way, I said yes (I think it can only get better), my braces get in on 4 June.

Will post photos if you guys like me to and keep you posted on the progress.

Greetings from Belgium

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#2 Post by TumbleDryLow »

This could be a "compromise" treatment plan, meaning you will get straight teeth but not all of the underlying orthodontic issues fixed.

From personal experience, I also went with a compromise. The only thing that would give me perfection would have been upper jaw surgery to widen my palate. I chose not to do that, but am completely happy with my result.

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#3 Post by Snowglobe32 »

Hi there,

One of the ortho's I consulted with wanted to go the surgery route for the upper arch. I was completely against it, mainly for the cost and after reseaching the procedure, it wasn't for me.

At the consult with my current ortho, he was amazed they wanted to do the procedure, he said it was unnecessary and he could accomplish great results without surgery. I have had my braces for almost 7 months and just like TumbleDryLow, I am very happy with my decision. My upper arch was narrow, but the braces have done a great job, the difference is amazing.

I wouldn't question the ortho's treatment too much, you can always get another opinion, but they know what they can and can't do.

Good Luck!

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#4 Post by drrick »

The only thing 2 dentists will agree on is that the third dentist is wrong.

Not surprised at all that there are differing opinions
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#5 Post by amy »

Depending on how long ago you got those opinions, technology my have improved.

Once I decided to pursue braces, my sister started looking into it. She had decided against braces as a teenager because of her under bite which orthos told her would need jaw surgery after which her jaw would be wired shut to heal and she would also nee head gear.

I finally convinced her a lot had changed in 15 years and who knew what they would say now. Turns out she can have her bite and teeth fixed just through braces in about two years (same as me). She wouldn't need surgery unless she wanted to widen her upper arch. What a huge difference from 15 years ago when she would have needed major jaw surgery.

She plans to start treatment this summer, but has been watching me warily to see how my braces treatment is coming along (I was braced yesterday).

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#6 Post by socksy »

I enthusiastically second what Tumble and Snow said above! I couldn't be happier with my "compromise" treatment.

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#7 Post by gabriela »

Hi all,
Thanks for all your replies. I think indeed technology may have improved, and maybe it is indeed compromise treatment :-) and listening to you all that is working out fine.
I am in any case really relieved I don't have to have teeth extracted nor undergo surgery.
7 weeks to go, am impatient and very very curious to see what I will look like in 2 years time.
@Amy: how are you feeling, with your braces in, does it hurt? good luck :-)

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