Done.....Finished......I have a SMILE!

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Done.....Finished......I have a SMILE!

#1 Post by iBorg »

After three and a half years of brackets and wires, major double jaw surgery and literally ten thousand tiny rubber bands, I'm braces free!

I can not say enough for the positive experience. I went from a smile I was very self conscious of to a smile that I'm happy to show. My wife's first comment was "Wow." She then asked if I had gotten what I had hoped from the brace experience. I had three goals less TMJ issues, less grinding and more visible teeth. My TMJ is much better but without my retainers (Essix) I do have a bit of TMJ. Minor but there. Hopefully when I get used to the retainers, this problem will go away. Grinding doesn't appear to be a problem. I'll find that out when I look at my retainers in a month or so and check for damage. I actually have teeth when I smile. That's a big change from before. Plus my breathing was greatly improved in the double jaw surgery. That alone makes the brace experience worthwhile. I quite literally feel ten years younger. My endurance is much better. It is not without cost. My lower lip is still very tingly and doesn't have natural feeling. I still believe it was a good trade.

And know for the comparison photos.....
Before Surgery....
Image Image

After Surgery.....

Image Image

For all of you considering braces or undergoing treatment and wondering if it is worth it, for me at least, the brace experience was both positive and worthwhile.

I wore braces (this time) for 1294 days or 3 years, 6 months and 17 days.
But who's counting?
Jaw Surgery June 1, 2009
Thanks for praying for me and thinking happy thoughts.


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Re: Done.....Finished......I have a SMILE!

#2 Post by ida »

Congratulations! You look great. I'll start mine in two weeks time.

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#3 Post by Skysi »

Wow! I'm really happy for you
Great changes! :D
on 20th March 2008

got them off 9th November 2011

(3 years 7 months 2 weeks 6 days)

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psych braces
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#4 Post by psych braces »

Gorgeous smile! How inspiring!

I love my teeth
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#5 Post by I love my teeth »

fantastic Mike!! You look great! thanks for sharing!
Wore Braces for 2 years, 5 months, 3 days



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#6 Post by peach »

Congrats Mike! Your smile and profile look fantastic :D

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#7 Post by catgyrl »

I second your wife: "Wow!"

There's such a change in your profile, too! You really do look great and a lot happier. I'm hoping to have the same experience as you do. I never realized I had a "weak chin", as my ortho put it, until I saw my profile picture. Yeesh...

Gettin braced in 5 days! So excited!

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#8 Post by Jethro »

Congrats Mike! You have had quite a journey...with an excellent result...Woohoo!

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#9 Post by iBorg »

First off, I'm touched by many of the responses. While I've been brace free (not yet sure about retainers) for less than a week, I can't close my eyes and see them in my mind. It's amazing how quickly they've faded into my past. I don't know what my self image is, but it doesn't include a mouth full of metal.

Jethro: Thanks for the kind words. At times I didn't think the journey would end. I'm glad I made the trip.

catgyrl, ida: A college friend looked at me in our once a year get together and exclaimed, "You have a chin." Of course I had to have double jaw surgery to get it. That wasn't the reason to have the surgery but it was a nice benefit. You'll find the time is something you'll dread at the beginning and then you'll realize that braces don't change you and your treatment will be almost over.

peach, I love my teeth, psych braces: I'm getting used to having a smile. Its a wonderful thing to finally have. I know this forum only works when the members share. I'm thrilled to finally be able to share a :D .

Ken: my friend, your day is coming soon. I don't know if that makes you the winner of the distance award or the loser in the AW 500. I know I'm neither, but I'm okay with it.

Finally, I love my teeth for the first time I can say I love my teeth also.

Everyone, thanks for the kind thoughts.
I wore braces (this time) for 1294 days or 3 years, 6 months and 17 days.
But who's counting?
Jaw Surgery June 1, 2009
Thanks for praying for me and thinking happy thoughts.


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#10 Post by Audra »

Mike, I also agree with your wife - WOW, what a change.

You have a great smile. You must be so pleased.


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#11 Post by blindboarder2008 »

congratz mike!!!!!!!! looking good!!
Braced: March 19th 2008
Impacted wisdom teeth extraction surgery: June 20th 2008 1pm (13 hours of fasting)
Jaw surgery (upper and lower)Lefort 1 with Madable Advancement: June 2nd 2009 @8am!!!! 1 surgery down 2 surgeries to go!!
debrace day: jan 18th 2010!!!! *has 2 fixed retainers and an essix retainer for night time now!

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#12 Post by andie40 »

Congratulations! Your new smile looks wonderful...and the change in before and after is remarkable. You must be so thrilled. I am getting de-braced on 04-22 and can't wait for the "reveal". Enjoy your new smile!! :D

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#13 Post by bracedup »

Wow you look fantastic...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Your fab pics make me realise that i have made the right decision on getting braces. Thanks for sharing

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#14 Post by loradora »

Congratulations Mike (Alf :) ) - you look great.


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#15 Post by mamaneedsanewjaw »

Wow Mike, you look great! You have a lot to smile about! :D

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