braced today at 41!

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braced today at 41!

#1 Post by suseh97 »

Hello I am newbie to this forum. Just found it while looking for advice.

I got fixed 'train track' braces fixed to both upper and lower teeth today. It was not too bad at all and I have not yet felt any major discomfort. Have a pot of wax and painkillers on standby. It was nowhere near as bad as having 4 teeth removed in the last month.

I am just a bit worried about eating. It all seems so fragile in my mouth. Any soft food suggestions would be appreciated.

Will be all worth it when I finally have teeth I will be happy to show off. I have not smiled in a photo since I was about 12 :D

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#2 Post by KyVic »

I am 46 just got mine last month...don't know if I had ever hardly smiled in a photo. But just having the braces...I am noticing that I am smiling and showing my teeth more...

The answer to your question is YES it will be worth it.

You still have plenty of years left......Better to be able to smile the last half. I figure if I am gonna get old and wrinkled...I at least want to be able to SMILE about it.


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#3 Post by peach »

Congrats! If you're not feelin pain then you can eat pretty much anything you use to eat except those on your "no no list", like raw carrots, unsliced apples and sticky treats. I suggest cutting everything up pretty good. It makes it easier to eat. But if you really would like soft foods, lots of people seem to go for mac n cheese, soups, mashed potatoes, yogurts, etc. :D

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#4 Post by fosterp »

Mine didn't hurt initially either. It was about 8 hours after that I started getting extreme sensitivity in the front teeth, and the next morning I had to start taking painkillers. The discomfort lasted about 3-4 days till it started subsiding, and its been a little over two weeks till I have just now started trying to use my incisors again. Even then though its still just easier to just cut stuff into bite size pieces and chew with the back teeth since the back teeth never really got sensitive.

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#5 Post by drpotter »

Congrats. I got mine on a little over a week ago. The first day wasn't so bad, it was a day or so later when the pain kicked in. I'd say keep to soft foods at first, even if it doesn't hurt now it might later!

I'm already seeing some really impressive movement, it's making it all seem so much more worth while.

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#6 Post by bracedup »

I am 10 days into my treatment and like you had no real discomfort at first. The next day was a different story I had extreme sensivity especially my two front teeth. Painful to touch and brush, this is normal. This only lasted three days, thankfully. I have had a lot of movement, every day is different in the way my teeth feel. Eat softer food and yes smaller pieces is advisable. I havent smiled since i was a teenager and now I am smiling more than ever. I love my braces and hopefully you will too when you start to see positive results.

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#7 Post by sarahintx »

Congrats! I've had my braces for about seven months's definitely been worth it! Given the first few weeks were painful, I learned if you don't "baby" your teeth the soreness goes away faster. Or at least it worked for me. Good luck!
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#8 Post by 50+ »

I am a month and a half into having braces at 50+. So glad to see others on this site. Good luck to those who have just started out. It does get better with time. I've even lost 7 lbs! So eating the soft food pays off. I find I lose interest in eating and can't stand the feeling of the food in my braces, so stop eating to go clean my teeth. For the most part, I have not experienced much pain, mainly from the rubbing on the inside of my cheeks and inner lips - wax does the trick. Flossing was always a problem with me - but just purchased a Waterpik and it does wonders. I'll still floss periodically, but for the most part, it does a great job.
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#9 Post by hal2me »

Congratulations! I got my braces at the age of 34. The eating part will get easier with time. Believe me when I say, after a few weeks you won't notice the braces are there. The first week I had mine, I ate a ton of yogurt, soup, and macaroni and cheese. Now, I can bite into a hamburger with ease. You should be proud of taking the plunge at 41! Welcome to the club!

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psych braces
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#10 Post by psych braces »

Congratulations! Ill be joining the 40"s braced club in 1 month. I had to postpone for a really important work event so I check in this archwired site everyday...for encouragement not to back out. I see there are many 40 somethings being braced...congratulations to you all. Keep us updated on your progress!

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#11 Post by retainerjoe »

:tingrin: congrats an welcome to the club, i'm 52 an doing braces agian myself , i'm in my 4th day of being a metalmouth , things will get a bit sore an tender , but it will be worth it in the end , have a great day ... =community this link also has my video of me getting my braces

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#12 Post by suseh97 »

Hi thanks for all the replies. Things have started to get a little bit tender. Only one sore bit though that requires wax. Eating is a little painful. No easter eggs for me today! I think a chocolate mousse or something along that line I could manage.

My sister (16!) is so jealous. She reckons that at this point she was wanting to rip hers out. Then again she hasnt wanted them her whole life.

My dentist when I was a teenager told my mum I didnt need braces and that my teeth would sort themselves out :cry: Of course they didnt. A few years ago I thought about taking the plunge but then after initial orthodontist visit I discovered I was pregnant. I restarted the process at the end of last year. The orthodontist I was referred to thought there was a chance that the NHS would pay as my mouth was so bad. I had fully intended to pay myself and loads of people had said my mouth wasnt that bad why did I need braces? What did they know! On the 29th Jan this year I got told that my treatment would be done on the NHS :lol:

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#13 Post by catgyrl »

Congrats to you!!! I'm so happy to see other 40-somethings here who are taking the plunge! I'm about to be the newest member of the 40's braced club very soon - Friday, to be exact. It's all I've been able to think about for the past 2 weeks. For someone who didn't really take the best care of her teeth, and almost never flossed, I find that now in preparation for my bracing, I almost don't want to eat because I want my teeth to be clean at all times.

Good luck to you!! :D


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Re: braced today at 41!

#14 Post by steveogt4 »

hi suseh97 i know this is an old post but could you tell me which orthodontist you went to if you still use the forum thanks .

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