powerchain- grrrrr!

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powerchain- grrrrr!

#1 Post by trillium »

So, I had my last adjustment about a month ago. My pc had been to my 2nd last molar, but because the gaps from extractions had closed so quickly there was a big gap at the back now and the pc was put right to the back.

About a week and a half later the bottom right powerchain came off my back molar. So I phone, and go in and have it fixed- I think they actually put 2 pc on to keep it in place.

Now a couple of weeks later and it's broken/ come off again- same place.

Yup, left a message with the ortho this morning. Grrr.
04/09/09- Consult, 04/21/09- Spacers in, 04/23/09- Braces on, 06/01/09- Extractions
06/25/09- First Adjustment (new wire, but same size- all the way to bck molars- after extractions)
08/20/09- Second adjustment (same size wire but got Powerchains top and bottom!!!)
10/02/09- 3rd adj (same size wire, new powerchain, started elastics)
12/10/09- 4th adj. (same size wire, new powerchain, same elastics)
02/11/10- 5th adj.

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#2 Post by kilikena311 »

The first time they put the powerchain across the entire top on me, the DA attached it to the little hooks that the elastics were supposed to be on and it was kinda floppy there at the end because of that. I had a different DA the second time and she got the end of the powerchain all the way around my molar band tubes and it feels much more secure. Maybe they mis-hooked it or something?

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#3 Post by 888A »

I got my braces at the same time as you did and had teeth extracted too. I just had my first set of power chains mounted this week and I see that you're already on your 3rd set. I wonder if my ortho could have started me on them earlier. I don't think there was any movement after my last adjustment with new wires.

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#4 Post by trillium »

I don't think that they could have mis-hooked it- twice? It was/ is a long reach from the last molar to the 2nd last. Also, and I never thought of it until I read the responses- maybe the tooth has moved and because the pc had been so stretched, that's why it came off the end?

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#5 Post by Kitagirl »

My chains are on so tight I don't know how they could ever come off!
Age 35
Extractions May 2009
Ceramic uppers May 2009
Metal lowers approx November 2009


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#6 Post by Takako »

Same! I've never had pc come off... I have however lost the end of my wire that was looped around the back. It's a little disconcerting, but I assume it broke off while I was eating and I swallowed it.

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#7 Post by Kimmy04 »


Went for my first adjustment on my top braces today and I've had the powerchains put on already, wasn't expecting them so soon, not sure why? Not too sure what to expect with them really, didn't even think about them coming off?Painful? Do I need to be extra careful when eating and brushing my teeth? Also how quickly have people found that the gaps start to close once they are on?

Thanks in advance for any info!

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