Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

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Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#1 Post by tsmurfenator »

As far as I have heard, orthodontists are considered one of the most overpaid professions in the USA, and the reason why braces are so expensive is because the AAO artificially limits the number of orthodontists to keep the supply low and treatment prices as high as possible and maximize profits. In Mexico on the other hand, there are tons of orthodontists and braces are substantially cheaper, and there are a lot more people, especially adults, with braces, than USA.

I am doing my braces in Mexico and am super happy with everything so far. First of all, my orthodontist treats me like a prince and attends to me in her private office rather than putting me in the big bullpen with a bunch of teenagers, even though she has a very busy clinic.

The price I paid was $350 to put braces plus I have to pay $50 for each adjustment. The total comes out to around $1200 total which is less than 1/5'th of what it would cost locally. I know of people who are paying a lot less than this (like half), but I'm going to the top rated (and most expensive) clinic regionally.
This may be a viable option for folks who live in California, Texas, Arizona. There are disadvantages of course (such as the distance in case there is an emergency), but I am super pleased with my decision. I have read some bad experiences about Mexican orthodontics, and I don't doubt there bad orthodontists there but I believe there are super outstanding ones also. It all comes down to finding a super fabulous orthodontist. I received my referral from a someone I met who was going through treatment and had perfect smile!

I post this so folks are aware of the option.
Any comments or questions about ortho treatment in Mexico, please feel free to contact me.
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#2 Post by Donna »

That's great that you live close enough to Mexico to have your work done there! I would definitely consider doing something like that as well.

I'm in Singapore right now and orthodontic treatment is less expensive than in the US. I'm paying about $3000 US for my Innovation-C braces. We frequently go to Thailand, and I can't believe how many adults have braces. Orthodontic work is even less expensive there. Actually, Bangkok is becoming quite the medical touism destination, especially for plastic surgery, which is a fraction of the price of Western countries. I know some people are horrified by the thought of having medical work done in a developing country, but there are some world-class, American/European-trained doctors there. It's all about doing your research.

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#3 Post by Pattyb »

I don't blame anyone for looking for cheaper options. I have the plain old metal braces and I'm paying $5800 for that. I was given the option of the clear ones for an additional $600. No thanks.

I should have had braces while in my teens but my parents couldn't have afforded it. I would have gladly gone to Mexico to get braces and spared myself decades of crooked teeth.

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#4 Post by jambo532 »

wish I had that option. Montana is a little far away tho. I paid 5400 for ceramic and that is with the 10% discount for paying in full :(. Plus I didn't have the option to shop around much only a few orthos here and only one did ceramics

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#5 Post by DrJasonKTam »

There are definitely some fantastic orthodontists in Mexico, but they are rare, amongst a sea of orthodontists and generalists doing ortho. One of my co-residents at Boston University is an orthodontist there, 2nd generation, as his father is also one. Their fees are amongst the highest in the city, probably similar to what GPs charge in the US and Canada. I don't think travelers would be saving that much overall with them.

The cost of their treatment is related to a number of things including extremely low cost of staff (making up nearly 1/4 of office expenses here at home), lower cost of education, less expensive supply costs for the exact same product, and lower tax rates.

If you find someone you're very happy with, and factor in the costs of travel and time for treatment, then this can be a viable option. Just make sure you do your research, as there is likely little recourse if you're unhappy with the work.
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#6 Post by drrick »

Yep, much of the low fee is related to lower office overhead expense.

If my rent was $500 instead of $5000 a month do you think I could charge a lower fee and still stay open?

Labor cost is a HUGE factor as well. As is malpractice insurance, utliities, etc.

Considering the average dental office operates somewhere around 70% overhead you can see if braces were offered for $1500 you would go bankrupt very quickly as for a $5000 case in that scenario would cost the office $3500. So for every $1500 case you treat you would lose $2000 per patient.
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#7 Post by fosterp »

Theres a lot more involved than the availability of orthodontists to determine the cost of treatment

Mexico has a much lower cost of living compared to the USA, as a result your braces treatment will also cost less.

I don't know the technical specifics, but I would assume going across the border means you are sort of giving up the safeguards that we have in the USA. Licensing, malpractice, etc, are all going to be different in mexico.

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#8 Post by perfect10 »

I am very interested in having braces done in Mexico and looking for honest opinions and recommendations. I have been searching online and this is how I found this site. Tsmurf please give me the name of your doctor you went to. You or anyone else can also pm the information I would be very appreciative. :-)

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#9 Post by annashefia »

wow you are so lucky to live close enough to mexico! I'm in northern cali and even though it would still be cheaper for me to drive from San Fransisco to Mexico every 2 months than pay the *$7000* its going to cost me up here... :huh: :cry: the 10 hour drive for 2 1/2 years is just too much.
Good luck on your treatment!!

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#10 Post by Duendecilla »

Guys, this was posted 3 years ago!! :p

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#11 Post by animalcroc »

when i lived in san diego and had no insurance, i was quoted at around 1500 to remove to fully impacted wisdom teeth. i hopped across the border to SPAM
and payed 360. but of course you gotta do your homework and pick someone who you think is reputable

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#12 Post by emyshlop »

What orthodontists did you go to in Mexico ?

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#13 Post by Matilda »

tsmurfenator wrote:I am doing my braces in Mexico and am super happy with everything so far. The price I paid was $350 to put braces plus I have to pay $50 for each adjustment. The total comes out to around $1200 total which is less than 1/5'th of what it would cost locally.
Great deal!

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#14 Post by maipinkheart »

I LOVE my ortho and yes, I cross the border to Mexico to get to him :D

He speaks English well, has many international patients, costs less than 1/2 the cost of what USC quoted ($7000! >_<), does one-on-one adjustments, and available on Facebook for any and all questions/emergencies, super accommodating with last minute appointment changes :P

Best of all, he is one of THE top orthos in all of Mexico and has been practicing for many years.
I am a pretty complicated case and he's done a wonderful job (2.5+years now) that everyone is like WOW! when they see my teeth.

Pm for contact info!

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Re: Getting Braces in Mexico - Save $$$

#15 Post by LB22 »

Where exactly did you go to get your braces?

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