Pregnant & getting braces

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Pregnant & getting braces

#1 Post by tammy26 »

I am 27 and three months pregnant and am getting braces next month after a couple of small things needing done at my dentist. Am so dreading it, had 5 teeth out and a removeable brace when i was 14 and didnt stick to treatment - wish i did as now im to have full metal braces on top and bottom teeth!! Hope im doing the right thing??????????????? :(

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#2 Post by fosterp »

Well from what I have read being pregnant actually speeds up the orthodontic movement of teeth. I suppose food cravings might need special attention since diet is a bit restricted with braces.

I am really not a girl so I have no idea what you would be going through, lol sorry...

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#3 Post by bbsadmin »

From a mother of two: If I were you, I'd wait a while before getting braces. Dealing with a baby is a lot of work. Personally I wouldn't have wanted to deal with braces and being a new mother at the same time.

On the the other hand, by the time you give birth you could be used to having braces and maybe it'd be no big deal. But think about it carefully.

In the mean time, here's a link to an article for you to read:
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#4 Post by tsmurfenator »

I have heard from a couple of different people that bottom braces are hazardous on pregnant women, and are customarily removed during pregnancy. Something to do with calcium deprivation during pregnancy making the teeth easily chip. Braces on upper teeth = no problem.

Can anybody confirm/debunk this? I suspect it might be an urban myth, but have heard it a number of times.
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#5 Post by mdbo »

my Dentist had braces as an adult when she was pregnant and she said the time went so fast....

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#6 Post by TXMommy »

I was pregnant with braces (ceramic uppers, metal lowers) and had no issues with my teeth being calcium-deprived or anything. Granted, I was also nine months into braces when I became pregnant, so I was already quite used to them. I was also EXTREMELY lucky to not have morning sickness which would have probably been miserable picking out of my teeth every five minutes.

Have they already done all of the appropriate x-rays for you? That's something you can't do while you're pregnant, but I'd imagine they got that done for you at your consultation.

Other than that, I couldn't tell you for sure if being pregnant makes your teeth move faster or not. I was scheduled to have braces on for 2 years, and even being pregnant I still got them off at the 2-year mark. So I can't tell you if that's fact or fiction. :)
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pregant with braces

#7 Post by tammy26 »

ive already got 2 kids so know what to expect in that way!! Was planning on getting it done but then found out i was pregnant (nice suprise). Just thought that this way 6 months is past with the braces on when the baby arrives instead of knowing i need them and putting it of for 6 months.

Have had all my xrays and stuff but they said that they wouldn't harm baby anyway as the dose is so small.

Just got my appt for end Feb for the spacer thingys then braces week later. Quite nervous!!!!

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Braced and pregnant here!

#8 Post by gapbegone »

Hi Tammy!
I was braced in August and became pregnant in October. I have heard from both my dentist and ortho that so many changes are happening during pregnancy, that the gums are often included and can in fact speed up the process a little, as preciously mentioned. A couple things to just keep in mind and prepare for: one thing is pain management. When I first had my braces, I was in some discomfort and often turned to pain meds such as Aleve an advil, and if those never touched it, Dh would get me a couple strong drinks. But now being pregnant, all I can take is Tylenol, and it just doesn't seem to help as much. So, try to be prepared for coping with the discomfort just using that which is safe to take during pregnancy.

Another thing to keep in mind, which your ortho may mention to you, is about pregnancy gingivitis. While it is always important to keep up with great oral care, braces just makes it that much more important, and even more so, pregnancy. Just take extra care, extra brushing and flossing, and perhaps a rinse aid (I use Act). I also bought a waterpik and use that as well. I have not had any problems with gingivitis.

Best wishes to you! and congrats on making this decision!

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#9 Post by felicia »

Tammy26, this is the first time I hear about anybody who was told that the dose of X ray is too small to hurt an unborn baby. I, personally would not take that chance.
If I remember correctly, I was asked before they took my X ray if I am pregnant (which I am not)...I also I filled out a form where I was asked the same question, then I signed it. That releases them of any liability.
Was anybody else told the same thing as Tammy26?
Maybe one of the doctors on this forum can give us some straight answers.

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#10 Post by TumbleDryLow »

My ortho tech and I were talking about x-rays at my last appointment. She seemed unconcerned about the amount of radiation actually received. I then saw this thread and became curious about the risk of x-rays and pregnancy so I decided to do some Google searching. The consensus seems to be that you can get a dental x-ray (and most any other x-ray) while pregnant as the amount of radiation you receive is very small and will not harm the baby. I was astonished at how much radiation one is exposed to while flying in a plane. Depending on the length of flight, it can expose you to more radiation then a dental x-ray.

Here are some interesting sites I came across: ... nt_9214.bc

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#11 Post by braced4secondtime »

Just my 2 cents, because I think everyone is different. I got my braces when my youngest (I have 3 children) was 1 year old. My other 2 kids were 3 & 5. I didn't notice the braces hindering anything EXCEPT having to schedule someone to watch my kids for when I had appointments. However, with that said, I often brought my youngest to my appts since she was small enough, and easier to entertain with some snacks (she would come in and sit with me). I would think things over, but my personal opinion I certainly wouldn't hold off braces because I was pregnant UNLESS I was looking at going the surgery route. I would like to have another child, but this is a plan that was purposely put on hold because I chose to have surgery as part of my treatment plan and a pregnancy would NOT have jived with that at all. Again, just my 2 cents.
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#12 Post by kilikena311 »

My packet from my ob says that dental x-rays are fine with the abdominal shield that they put over you. Also the local anesthetic is fine but laughing gas is not okay.

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#13 Post by rolo »

The issues would be that they might be less keen to do X-rays although I was told with digital imaging the amount of radition was very small compared to say taking a flight. My surgery would do during pregnancy if patient consented and they believed it was necessary.

Also painkillers, you would have the option of paracetamol, but non-steroidal painkillers eg ibuprofen not recommended. That said relaxin the hormone that relaxes soft tissues to accomodate pregnancy has been implicated to allow teeth to move faster.

If it was me I would do it, there will never be a convenient time to get braces.

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#14 Post by tammy26 »

Thanks very much for all your help & advice :)

Decided in the end to just go ahead, got my appt on 17th March (for 8 spacers) then 22nd Mrch for braces :?

Don't know how to feel about it, 1 minute im excited to be starting then next im SO SO SO nervous!! But would rather just get started now as (someone above mentioned) don't think there will ever be a good time?


ps, 1 things for sure though if i hadn't found this site i would still be pondering, so BIG THANKS to every1 for advice!!

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#15 Post by Chicagogal »

I was also told that they would refuse to do my full mouth xrays if I was pregnant and were very stringent about that. however, though i'm not pregnant, they mentioned when i was in for my spacers appointment that they needed one more image and that the dose would be so small that they didn't need to worry about pregnancy.

good luck with the process!! so far for me the spacers were worse than braces (weird I know).
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