Poll: At What Age Did You Get Your Braces?

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At What Age Did You Start Your Current Orthodontic Treatment?

18 to 21
22 to 29
30 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59
60 plus
Total votes: 2026

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#31 Post by LeahRuth »

I got my braces when I was 18, and should get them off just before I turn 21

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#32 Post by spinme »

First post here! I'm 50 and will be having my braces fitted in 6 weeks time. Before that though I have to have 3 teeth extracted. Wish I had got round to it years ago :(

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#33 Post by Jewles »

I had 4 teeth extracted the week before christmas, then had my braces put on the day after I turned 24. According to my ortho they will definitely be off before I turn 26.
I saw an add for invisalign and thought it sounded like a good way to fix my teeth. My top teeth werent too bad but my bottoms were very crowded so when I made my appt my ortho said I wasnt a great candidate so I ended up in normal braces with ceramics on my social 6.
No regrets so far, the journey has been alot easier than I expected!

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I was...

#34 Post by Lexigirl »

...48 when I got my braces in December of 2008 to correct my bite, which has caused me to grind half my teeth off. Will be having jaw surgery this spring, braces off by the end of the year, and teeth rebuilt after that. It's been quite the process!

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#35 Post by hj55 »

I got my braces when I was 53, not because of what my teeth looked like but because my bite was off, mostly due to a couple of molars which were tilted sideways - one at 45 degrees. They had been like it since I was a teenager & I always found chewing difficult.

I started investigating braces on this website when I was 51, then decided I couldn't possibly do it but then changed my mind. Now I'm approaching 55 next month, my molars are upright & my bite is much improved, hoping to get the braces off in May or June. (That's according to my calculations based on what the orthodontist said!!)

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#36 Post by Ejvind »

I got braced in september last year, and I am 67 years old. Perhaps I am the oldest at Metal Mouth Forum?
As I don't think I have any reason to hide that I am braced it is all in metal. More teenagers has told mee, that it looks cool.
The main reson for the proces is, that I have a very dep bite. My lower front teeth and canines bite rather hard at the backside of my upper front teeth and canines. Some of the front teeth are also rather crooked.

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#37 Post by PiscesFish1969 »

I was 39 1/2 when I got my braces. I think it's interesting that 30 - 39 is the predominant age in the poll so far. In my case, even though I had been dreaming of braces since I was 12, it took 27 years to get to the point where I could afford to pay for them. It also took my husband going through a mini-midlife crisis at 40 to buy himself his motorcycle, which then gave me leverage to finally do something that I'd always wanted! My only regret is that I didn't do this much sooner.
Hubby got his Harley - 8/07
Started researching Orthos - 9/07
Lower Pre-molar extractions 8/6/08
Braced on 8/13/08 - 39 years old
Debraced on 12/6/2010 - 41 years old
Looking forward to the next 41+ years, this time with an improved smile!

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#38 Post by appygirl82 »

Age 27 for me. Always wanted to get them as a kid, parents chose not to pay for them even tho they made plenty of money. I also broke out my 2 front teeth as a small child, the teeth still to this day are temporary material, never had the Veneers put on since my dental provider was the worst in the world! Soooooooooo, I have to get my braces off before they can do those. (Yes I have new dental insurance now and a NEW dentist!!!) So finally everything will be done the way it should have been done many years ago!

I'm very excited to get everything done!

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#39 Post by Under Construction »

I was 39!

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#40 Post by starzz »

I think it's interesting that 30 - 39 is the predominant age in the poll so far.
But the age ranges in the groups are not equal. If we adjust for group size, the participation rates are nearly identical for ages 18-21, 22-29, and 30-39.

It's only a small percentage of users on the board who answered the survey, and there are others 50+ and 60+. This poll is i bit hidden, I think.
Braced for 2 years, 11 months, 2 weeks and 5 days (the 2nd time ‘round)
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#41 Post by MakePinkNotWar »

I got mine a couple months after I turned 20 years old. I will get them off months before I turn 22!
Most days I forget I even have braces.

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#42 Post by ana »

I'm 27 and getting my braces in 3 days.
I'm so excited (and a little scared too :?)

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#43 Post by browneyedgrl »

I got them at 39 (for the second time) three months shy of my 40th birthday. I had them at 13 years old way back when.

Started the journey for the second time on January 10th 2008~Ceramic uppers and metal lowers. Removed on June 2nd 2009.


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#44 Post by essdee »

I got them at 38. Will (hopefully) get them off when I'm 40. First had them at 11 or 12 till about 13 or 14; that was for an underbite and a bit of straightening on top following extractions to make room for an impacted canine. Now it's for an open bite and to satisfy my vanity! Aesthetics weren't really a priority in orthodontics back in my first round of treatment (at least not in my experience - an NHS teaching hospital. Cheap & not so cheerful!), so I was never really satisfied with the results from it. It's only now I've got the finances and the nerve together to go for it again :)


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#45 Post by cathykay »

I got my braces on at 20 years old. Now I'm 21. Getting braces was a difficult decision because I wasn't looking forward to looking even younger than I look to begin with. Anytime I go out to a bar with friends, I know that I will definitely get carded and that can be annoying. However, I adjusted to have braces quickly and now I can say that it was a wonderful decision. I find myself smiling more confidently with my braces than I did before I had them because I know that now my teeth are straight! I can't wait to get them off. :D

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