Poll: At What Age Did You Get Your Braces?

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At What Age Did You Start Your Current Orthodontic Treatment?

18 to 21
22 to 29
30 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59
60 plus
Total votes: 2049

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#16 Post by ellen »

You're all such youngsters!!! I got my braces just after I turned 51. I had them as a teenager, but just within the past few years my lower teeth shifted dramatically and were continuing to move, they hurt, my gums were always swollen, and the lower teeth were looking scary! So I gave up my dream of wood floors in the dining and living rooms and spent the money on braces instead. I am so happy I did this! I can't wait to have my smile back! After 8 months my teeth look so much better!! It's so nice that as I get older, at least one part of me will get better with age!

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#17 Post by socksy »

I got mine put on when I was 34 and hopefully will have them off before my 36th birthday in April. I had considered them for about 10 years before finally taking the plunge. I had been discouraged because nearly every doctor said I was a surgical case because of issues with my bite. I found an orthodontist who said she would at least straighten my teeth even if my bite wouldn't end up perfect. My results have been incredible and I couldn't be happier. One of the best decisions I ever made.

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#18 Post by stokie66 »

Well im 25 in my second time because last time i hardly wore my retainer when i had them at about 15, i heard some pople making fun out this girl in my class calling her plastic teeth so me being stupid would put it in now and then not all the time. Hope o get them off by next christmas probably be a bit longer tho.

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33 years old

#19 Post by sapphirerose924 »

I am 33 and I just got braces. I knew that I would need them eventually because my bite is very deep, my jaw pops and clicks constantly.

Most of the advice for TMJD is that none of the treatments are very good, so just wear the guards and grin and bear it.

My guards quit helping me last year. I was told that I was at risk of losing the disk in my jaw joint. Of the options given to me, braces seemed like the least invasive place to start. If they don't help, I will move on to the next option. None of them have very high success rates when I researched them.

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#20 Post by cvn »

I had them from 11-17, 19-22, and 29-probably 30 (or heads may roll!)

I'm really really tired of braces :cry: I'm a surgery patient though so that's life...hopefully this round is the last!

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#21 Post by Jes »

Technically I was 19 but it was seriously a month before I turned 20 so I'll say 20 =P

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#22 Post by Hunterlaar »

Well i will be getting braces next month and i'm 26, i'v been wanting to get braces for nearly 10 years but just kept putting it off but not anymore, i first registered on this site back in 2007 lol... Why oh why didn't i get them back then i would have nice teeth by now... doh!

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#23 Post by felicia »

I got my braces at 26, and it is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I wanted to do this for myself since forever but for different reasons it was not possible. So, today, I don't even dare to complain about how I look in braces, I don't even care what people think when they look at me...I am just HAPPY that I finally got them.

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#24 Post by Margie »

I was 23 when I got them, I am hoping to have them off before my 25th birthday!

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#25 Post by randirocks »

I'm 28 and I'm hoping to get them off sometime during my 30th year on Earth! I was supposed to get them when I was 12 but my parents couldn't afford them. I finally got all of the pre-dental work done and my company has orthodontic coverage for adults which I know is rare. So happy to have them!

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#26 Post by Skysi »

Got mine in my 23rd year, hoping they come off before my 26th!
on 20th March 2008

got them off 9th November 2011

(3 years 7 months 2 weeks 6 days)

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#27 Post by bbsadmin »

We've had over 500 views of this topic but only 57 votes! Please vote if you haven't already!
I'm the owner/admin of this site. Had ceramic uppers, metal lowers ~3 years in my early 40's. Now in Hawley retainers at night!

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#28 Post by sunsmile »

I am 34 and I got braces to fix the overbite problem. I had braces 4 months ago, and I hope I can have them off 1.5 years later.

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#29 Post by alibracket »

I got my braces when I was 26 and a half...lol

Hopefully Ill get mine off when I am 28.

I got them when I was 26 because I finally landed a job with some form of dental insurance that offered a discount for orthodontics. I wanted to get them while I still had a job- who knows where ill be in 2 or 3 years.

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#30 Post by mdbo »

I get mine in march two months shy of 35 - I should have done it when I first enquired at age 22!!!! I want straight teeth and if that is vain - so be it... I have been a mouth breather my whole life so this probably caused the crowding.....Dont mouth breath - lol! I no longer do and feel so much better for breathing through my nose and cant wait to be braced and on the journey to straight teeth :D

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