So, what would you do? Going on a blind date with braces on

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So, what would you do? Going on a blind date with braces on

#1 Post by gracey82 »

Happy 2010 everyone! Hope everyone is kicking off a good start with the braced face in the new year :)

So here's an question to ask: I will be going on a blind date ( we seen each other pics before - the pics cant really tell im wearing braces though!) in 2 days time. Will be my first blind date of the year 2010 and also ever since I have wear braces!

Well I don't feel conscious about in social settings with my braces on but since this is a blind date, I'm feeling pretty nervous about it! Thank god he is asking me out for a drink/coffee, so I won't run into embrassment when the vege start tangling between my braces or I start googling my mouth in the middle of the meal.

I know about being confident and all, if he mind about the braces, he isnt worth dating bla bla. Still I cant help but feeling consicous about it this time. Should I mentioned jokingly to him that in case you cant recognise me, you can find the one with braces, u know, just to take the pressure off thing?

How do you feel about dating a girl with braces on??! Would love to hear your opinions :)

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#2 Post by stokie66 »

the answer is simple you need to tell him before you go on the date will make it a lot more comortable and easier for yourself then. That way if he is shallow and does not want date some one in braces he will make some excuse up and not go on the date which will be better than him making some excuse after the date. Obviously if he does this hes an idiot and like you say not worth bothering with. But i very much doubt he will be bothered and everything will be ok im male and i no it wouldn't bother me in fact theres a girl i think is gorgeous and really like in braces but i dont really no her that well, anyway good luck :D

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#3 Post by TumbleDryLow »

If you don't want to tell him in advance, or if there isn't a good opportunity to bring it up before you see him, then I'd just look right into his eyes and smile really, really big when you see him and introduce yourself. Just get it out of the way right off. More then likely he'll just ignore them. He may comment or be curious though and that will give you something to talk about. If you show him that you aren't self-conscious about your braces then he'll take that cue and not be bothered by them either.

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#4 Post by Snowglobe32 »

I wouldn't tell him ahead of time you have braces, that seems like you are ashamed of them or you think something is wrong with you if you have braces.

I would just do what Tumble suggested, smile big when you introduce yourself. It shows you are confident and he will probably think they are cute.

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Re: So, what would you do? Going on a blind date with braces

#5 Post by VA5 »

I think telling him in advance is the way to go. If it's making you self conscious then why not. Also, he doesn't have to be off guard too.. B/c let's be honest. An adult with braces is not expected. Lots of adults have them, but not most. Most are unbraced. I'm just saying it as it is. Even with me, I'm in braces obviously. But when I meet another adult with braces, it is just weird for me. It's hard not to stare too. Not that I don't stare, but I want to stare. If i have sunglasses on, I WILL stare. So... you get the picture.

I just know if it were me, I would know what most adults will expect another adult to look like (no braces) and if it makes me self conscious that somebody meeting me for the first time doesn't know, and might be off guard of made uncomfortable by that fact, then i would surely let him know. or, at the very least.. break the ice from the very start of your meeting with him to tell him you have braces and to forgive you if you act self conscious with them on.

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#6 Post by BracketRacket »

Quite honestly, what I'd do is nothing. Don't worry about warning him in advance, just act as naturally as you can. Smile, don't hide them, but don't go out of your way to show them off.

When the moment is right -- talking about your orders, maybe -- mention it. Something offhand about what you're ordering, if you're sticking to soft foods or avoiding something sticky, etc. Chances are, it'll open a conversation and he'll be able to ask questions or whatever.

Good luck -- and have fun! Don't stress! :D

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#7 Post by kas289 »

I'm a female in my early 40's and have gone on 10+ blind date since my bracing last June...I've never mentioned the braces prior to the date and have had no problems. It's been the same old, same old...some dates better than others, but no one has pointed at my mouth in horror or run from the room screaming...also no one has texted 911 to a buddy or had a 'sudden emergency'. I'm much more comfortable on a blind date with the braces than I ever was trying to cover my teeth and hide my bad side!

I don't know how old you are, but at my age I would find it kind of unnecessary to say something before the date, 'cause its really no big deal- there are much more worse problems I could have.

Good luck on your date!

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#8 Post by mikesmile »

Hi Gracey :D ,

I don't think I'd say anything beforehand. I agree with the advice already given: Just act comfortable and natural within yourself, & then let that show on the outside. Don't lose the moment preoccupying yourself with your braces. If he's the right guy for you, it's not going to matter at all. He may even find you cuter or more interesting, or admire you for taking good care of yourself.

As for me, I've dated girls in the past who had braces - including my wife - who looked very cute with her braces - & has beautiful teeth now!!! :wink:

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#9 Post by gracey82 »

Thank you guys for the advice, I felt like a little girl goin on her first date needing some advice - except that I'm not but am on my virgin blind date ever since I braced lol!

Great to hear inputs from both sexes! Well am going to just grab a drink with him tonight and I didnt bring up the braces. I have no problem smiling ( I think its my proudest assets! ) and I look funny smiling with mouth closed anyway - and I never smile with mouth closed :)

Will let you guys know how it goes! Probably served as a reference too for those in the same boat as me :) Would be interesting to know the dating experience for braced face like us, especially those who are are single and em'bracing' it like me !

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#10 Post by stokie66 »

good luck :D

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#11 Post by tsmurfenator »

So how did your date go? Any reaction to your braces?

I am a little bit surprised about the suggestions to tell them ahead of time. Did they know your hair color, whether you have glasses, piercings, your height, weight, smoke, drink, what clothes you wear, the condition of teeth, etc .. ? (I don't know what 'blind date' means nowadays). Braces are just another personal detail like any of those. It's not like they're a deformity. Making them a bigger deal than they are just perpetuates social sensitivity about them, and I do not think is good for the 'braced population'.

I've had braces (all metal) for three weeks now and the ratio of positive reactions to negative reactions is about 10:1 (and the negative comments were all from people with braces - go figure!). Of course, the vast majority of people do not react at all. It's all about how you wear them.

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#12 Post by gracey82 »

So turned out, I was being paranoid! We didnt bring out about the braces at all, and the coffee date turned into a dinner date and also episode of second date!

Though I don't think he is my type ( he is little too metrosexual to the level that I would have thought he is gay has he not been my date ) , but yes, like most of you said, braces does not get into the way! :)

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