Anyone else had to delay adjustments due to finances?

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Anyone else had to delay adjustments due to finances?

#1 Post by chantelle777 »


Long story short: I got braced in July of 2008, and everything was going swimmingly until I began having (unrelated) vision problems that prevented me from working at my old career. When I moved back home I visited the ortho that my previous one had recommended; but I had one adjustment in october 2009 and haven't been able to afford one since.

Bottom line is, until I can afford to continue treatment, I am stuck with these things on my teeth! What complicates things is that the last adjustment was to put a wire on an impacted canine that was pulled in and needs to be rotated. I still have a huge gap there with a mess of wires and a spring, and I'm tired of not being able to smile or laugh with complete spontaneously (heaven knows I could use as much joy as I can get right now!) :cry:

I'm wearing Damons and I'm very good about brushing and flossing, but I guess I'd like to hear feedback from anyone else who has run into financial snags in the middle of treatment. if so, did waiting several months (or longer) between adjustments do any damage in the long run?

Obviously I know I can't wait too long to get another adjustment! Are there any orthos out there who have had patients run into this problem, and how did you handle it?

Feedback is appreciated!!


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#2 Post by BracketRacket »

I'm sure in this economy you're not the only one.

Have you called your ortho? You're probably not alone, and they may be able to work out a new payment plan, defer a payment, etc. Can't hurt to ask!

Have you looked into Care Credit? It's a credit card with a very low interest rate that can be used for medical purposes -- your ortho's office may be able to tell you more or point you in the right direction.

Good luck!

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#3 Post by TumbleDryLow »

I second having a frank conversation with your ortho. They may be able to extend your payment plan so the monthly payments are less. If not, and you really need to sit in a holding pattern, then the ortho may want to reconfigure what is in your mouth. I remember reading a thread where someone was going out of the country for six months or so (with no ortho check-up's during this time). In this case her teeth were laced together with stainless steel wire to keep them in the current position until she could get back home to continue treatment.

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