Sensitivity to metals

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Sensitivity to metals

#1 Post by BracketRacket »

I have some sort of reaction to certain metals that literally turns me green! :roll: I generally try to wear only sterling silver, stainless steel or gold jewelery, although some "sensitive ears" or nickel-free earrings are okay -- others are just painful (although interestingly enough, the metals that turn me green and the metals that hurt are not always the same!)

Is this something that could be a concern when I get braces? Green may not be a good look! :lol:

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#2 Post by braceface418 »

You may want to mention it, but the green is caused by the (cheap) metal in your earrings oxidizing and turning green. Braces, wires, and other items made of metal for medical purposes are surgical grade and have fewer impurities or low-quality metal. Part of the reason why an orthodontist may charge you $50 for a lost bracket.

Most wires, except for the lighter starter wires, are made of stainless steel, as are most brackets (except for ceramic ones). The starter wires are a nickel/titanium alloy and should also be okay.

If you do think you have an allergic reaction once you get braces though, feel free to call your orthodontist, especially if you have itching or swelling. Sores and pain are less reliable indicators since that's just the fun of braces.

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#3 Post by Margie »

Hi BracketRacket!

I have the same sensitivity to certain metals/cheap jewellery and I haven't had any problems with my braces. I actually didn't even think about that when I was considering getting braces!

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#4 Post by pray4nicesmile »

I have a nickel allergy and asked (at a recent consultation) whether braces would make me break out like crazy and was told no.

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#5 Post by evilnel »

I also have a nickel allergy and haven't had any problems with my braces. My allergy is pretty severe, too. I can't wear anything with nickel in it for more than a few minutes without breaking out in hives! Obviously, the alloy isn't as irritating. I wouldn't worry about it, but if you're concerned check with your ortho for other options.

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#6 Post by SunnyO »

My friend's daughter had a very bad reaction to metal braces. Her whole mouth became swollen and raw. She ended up having all ceramic brackets (no bands on her molars) with titanium wires. It made her treatment longer than anticipated because they could not use many of the appliances they originally planned for.

I guess it just depends on the severity of your allergy. Good luck, I hope your experience is better than hers was.

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#7 Post by DayZer »

I like color green, like you, I am sensitive to metals. I tried to wear a silver necklace for one day and in the other day I got some rashes in my neck. Actually, In that time I really do not that my allergy will be that effect.Tube Notcher

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