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one year!!!!!!!

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:26 am
by changes09
I have had braces on for one year!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should only have two more months left! :)

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:40 am
by b
I just mine on last friday, I cant wait for the day I can say the same!

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:42 am
by Ice runner

I am only 2 weeks behind you, my anniversary is on December 10. :) But I not on half yet, so you are very lucky, only 2 months left. 8)

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:09 pm
by hj55
Congratulations!! - My year was up on 20 November - not sure how much longer I've got - though I was told I was on the home run at my last appointment! The year has gone really quickly too. :)

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:55 pm
by blindboarder2008
congratz changes!!! debracing in two months ah? the race is on, i'm due to be debraced in jan as well!!!!!

Posted: Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:02 pm
by Skysi
grats :D
You must be excited at them coming off.
I still have what feels like forever to go. 2nd half of next year.

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 1:21 pm
by changes09
I'm trying not to get too excited, because I still don't have a date yet! I don't want to set myself up for dissapointment ya know. But I can't help but be excited! I looka t my smile everyday, and I can't even imagine how I'll look with out these things!

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:13 am
by virgoan
I'm commenting rather late, but congrats! My one year is on Dec 13, so I'm feeling the excitement too. I would love to be done in February but all my ortho will say is "You're almost done!"

Anyway, hope it flies by for you! :)

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 4:30 pm
by changes09
YAY! Three more days till your at the on year mark!