alcohol and braces

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alcohol and braces

#1 Post by jamampoline »

I just got braces and am being very careful about anything sugary etc. as I need to keep my teeth clean, am prone quick buildup of plaque etc. never drink soda or juice, tea or coffee, but wondering where alcohol fits in the picture...
Is wine, beer, vodka better/worse, or should I just avoid all of them?

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#2 Post by Waiting2BeFabulous »

I can't offer much on teeth cleanliness as it relates to alcohol, other than staying away from red wine seems like a good idea.

One piece of info I CAN share is this....drinking too much causes dehydration.....and dehydration seems to be a problem with braces, as they like to cling to the inside of your mouth....just a friendly piece of advice: drink MORE water than you would to ward off a hangover. Your lips will thank you!

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#3 Post by jamampoline »

thanks Waiting2BeFabulous, I think you're right, the dryness at night particularly drives me nuts! The good news is now that I can't be bothered to eat and go through the subsequent hour-long cleaning ritual, I've more time to sip water!

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#4 Post by PrincessPeach »

I'm a student, well experienced in drinking alot ;)

Alcohol is fine with braces, just stay away from red wine if you have ceramics :)
But as has already been said, keep like vasaline with you, you get very dehydrated so your lips can get stuck, but if you keep drinking water [as you should do anyway when drinking] you'll be fine :)
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#5 Post by sauerkraut »

PrincessPeach wrote: just stay away from red wine if you have ceramics :)...
Ceramics don't stain!! Agreed, red wine could well stain ligs if you have them. But ceramic brackets do not stain :) .

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#6 Post by Jewles »

I always end up with horrible ulcers in my mouth when I drink too much! It hurts for days afterwards yet never stops me drinking again the next weekend haha

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#7 Post by TigerLily »

Red wine has become a much better friend since I got braces, so handy after an adjustment..I joke with my ortho my braces have made me an alcoholic..

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#8 Post by wilson123 »

Ive had mine on for 3+ months now and I haven't had any problems from drinking - I am doing right now infact :)

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#9 Post by Bellalalala »

I found beer and champagne were pretty much the only thing that got me through the first week of braces.

I think it was the bubbles...

Ice runner
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#10 Post by Ice runner »

The only problem with alcohol will be the hangover! :lol: Dont worry because of braces these is just another reason for drinking :)

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#11 Post by MrMetalMouth1029 »

lol, I agree with Ice Runner...I've had many a screwdriver since I've been braced (almost 13 months) and the hangover is the worst part. I don't think you'll have a problem...just don't overdo it! 8)
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