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Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:32 am
by Ice runner
I would be happy with these results, congratulations!

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:00 pm
by uvraise
After all of the time, money and suffering that I have go through thus far, if they were my results, I would be pissed!!! If you want an honest opinion, I don't think your teeth look that bad, having stated that, it looks like you need braces! LOL I think you should seek another opinion. I know it's late in your treatment, but I would rather have another opinion on your treatment thus far and ask your current ortho for some satisfaction.
My ortho has created some changes in my teeth without surgery that other othos said would only be possible with surgery. I don't know what your total treatment time is, but I'm only 7+ months in and would walk away today totally satisfied. Do yourself a favor, become the squeaky wheel!

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:42 pm
by ORTHO12
Sorry to be negative but I definitely would not be happy with that. I had a wide/broad arch before surgery and they tipped my teeth and flared my incisors to make the bite and now my arch looks narrow too and when laugh (as mouth open) you can see my topp and bottom incisors stick out but when closed form a bite. I had a broad edge bite now I have a narrow closed bite and no I am not ungrateful or fussy it's just I could have happily lived with my edge bite had they not told me it would be best to close it but also explained how it would look but they never. I do not understand why they do these things rather than consulting you first.

These results are meant to be lifetime and if they leave you unhappy they don't seem to want to do anything about it.

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 3:20 pm
by fosterp
I would definitely consult another orthodontist to see if your current one's excuses for not being able to make you happy is legitimite, or if fixing it is just beyond his skill/or being lazy.

We all know that nobody should expect perfection from their orthodontics, but as people have replied, your expectations are perfectly reasonable.

Take confidence that there most likely is a doctor that can address your concerns if your current one cannot.