damon braces for deep bite / wider smile / saggy face!

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damon braces for deep bite / wider smile / saggy face!

#1 Post by horriblebite »

Hi I used to post here a year or so ago. I'm in my thirties and while my teeth themselves are nice, I have a very deep bite...smile is a bit narrow but thats never really bothered me, however because the bites not great, this has led to face being a bit 'saggy' in the lower third...because the facial muscles are not getting proper support from the teeth. I never realised this until last year that this was common - but i guess its like when an elderley person takes out their dentures and their face appears to collapse!

Not quite premature aging yet...but if left unchecked i will probably get jowels.

Last year orthodonist thought she could help at first but then came back after seeing the xrays and said there was 'not enough bone' and she could not do much without the jaw op.

This year I've seen another ortho and she said damon braces would do the job...asking which ortho told me otherwise. She has not seen the xrays yet but seemed very sure - the whole clinic seemed much more advanced - there was an inhouse photogragher taking pics inside mouth from all angles plus inhouse xray. They seemed brilliant. Although I am not after 100 percent improvement - i just have a slight worry that they might be saying braces would work for me when they would not - due to the opinion of the first ortho i saw.

I just wondered if anyone had had their smile 'widened' with damon braces and also if anyone had had successful treatment after being told 'jaw op only'.?


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#2 Post by Laura1985 »

Hi there,

I can't give too much advice, but I have Damon braces. I was supposed to get an expander to help widen my smile- but they couldn't make one that would work quite right for me..long story. But anyhow, without an expander my Damon's have definitely widened my smile. It's not the hollywood style that I was hoping for- but it's absolutely made a big difference!

Anyhow, I can't speak for the specifics of your case- but I can say for sure that Damon's can certainly have the potential to make a smile more broad. Good luck with your researching and figuring out what is best for you :)
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#3 Post by drrick »

Deep bites can be opened with any type of braces. Heck they are even opened w/out braces many times with the aid of various appliances.
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#4 Post by socksy »

My case is different than yours - I started treatment with an overjet and open bite. During consults, I was told by three orthos that they would only work on me as a surgical case. One told me he would have to do extractions but no surgery. And the last consult - the one I went with - said we could straighten my teeth out with just braces and no extractions. A year into my treatment, not only are my teeth straight, but my open bite is closed and my overjet has been reduced from 8mm to 2mm. I couldn't be happier. Every doctor seems to have a different approach so I would say don't disregard the ortho who thinks she can make improvements without surgery. You may not end up with a "perfect" result but you might achieve something that makes you happy.

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#5 Post by jxds »

I had a really really deep bite and it has been opened with damon braces. Every case is different, but deep bites can be corrected with braces! :D
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