In need of your prayers

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In need of your prayers

#1 Post by newsboysgrl777 »

I know this isn't the right section for a post like this, but I know it is the most frequently visited section, so I hope the admin will please excuse my posting this one thing.

Hi all...I don't post much but I wanted to post and ask you all for your prayers. My brother-in-law, Billy, was killed in a truck/train collision on Saturday afternoon along with 2 of his friends. The family is devestated, as are all of his friends. We lost a very sweet young man who was just beginning to live his live. We're all still in shock and are trying to deal with understanding exactly what happened, making funeral arrangements, etc., as well as trying to cope with our grief and sorrow. I'm asking for your prayers to give us strength and God's peace.

I also want to post a link to a news station that has taken the time to truly air what has happened. If you click on the 'video' link, my husband also speaks about his brother. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. I know God can work through even perfect strangers...and we need all of the support we can get at this trying time. This is the hardest thing I, personally, have ever had to go through...and it is only worse for my husband, his sister, his grandmother, and his parents. Those that loved Billy deeply and have so many memories with him. He will truly be missed by so many.




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#2 Post by rolo »

Will pray, hang in there.

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#3 Post by Laura1985 »

Will be praying for you. :(
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I will pray for you and your family

#4 Post by lindesd »

I pray for the Lord to give you and your family strength and an abundance of love during this difficult time.

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#5 Post by kilikena311 »


I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so difficult to make sense of these things.


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#6 Post by Jane »


I'm so very sorry to read of the loss of your dear brother-in-law and in such tragic circumstances. You all must be struggling to come to terms with the awful suddenness of it all. I will pray that you will know God's peace that passes all understanding and that you will see him at work even in this tragedy bringing about his purposes. It is so difficult to understand why things happen and sometimes all we can do is to trust in the dark times. I know something of what you must be feeling - I lost my brother (aged 21) murdered by terrorists in Northern Ireland. It was some time ago now, but the memories we have of him grow more precious as the years pass, and we thank God for the many wonderful times we spent with him. I pray that God will give you strength as you mourn and that in time he will replace the sadness with many loving and precious memories. God bless and much love

Jane xx

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#7 Post by ellen »

Dear Rachel -
My sincere condolences on this tragic loss of your brother in law. Such a sad situation for all of you.


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#8 Post by hj55 »

I pray that you and your family and friends will find peace and strength in the Lord now and in the days to come.

Love from Helen

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#9 Post by lovelyleo »

I am sorry to hear of your loss. I pray that your family finds peace with this home going.



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#10 Post by newsboysgrl777 »

Thank you so much everyone for your sentiments and your support. It truly has helped to get me through this trying time. You are all such lovely, warm, caring people and I'm so thankful for you. :) *Big hugs to each and every one of you*


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