Allergic Reaction to Molar Bands - what now?

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Allergic Reaction to Molar Bands - what now?

#1 Post by BracedVeryLate »

I haven't posted in a while. I have had braces for 16 months, and on and off, I have had many annoying gum problems. I thought if I kept my braces super-clean, it would prevent this type of problem.
Well, I have been referred to a third doctor, and he thinks I am having allergic reactions to the metal in the molar bands! I have had a bad lesion in one gum, which 'burst' and produced a hole in my gum which will have to be repaired with a gum graft. In the meantime, the gum near another molar band is red and inflamed. I have had huge gum swellings, and one night the entire roof of my mouth was swelled.
Have any of you ever heard of this? I cannot wear earrings or rings, so I guess this should have occurred to me at some point. ooops!
I have an appt. tomorrow to check in with my ortho, and then I will be off to the periodontist. I never had any gum problems before braces, so this is really annoying and time-consuming.
Honestly, this whole endeavor is costing way too much money. I am starting to get down on the whole braces thing, it seems to be one thing after another. I am normally a very healthy person, so all these little things are surprising me.
Is there an alternative to metal bands? I am nowhere near done with my treatment, so getting braces taken off would be a bad idea. I already had to have one molar de-braced and the premolar is becoming twisted from the pressure.
sorry so long - I sure could use a little encouragement!!
have a good evening.

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#2 Post by starzz »

Yes there is an alternative to molar bands. There are brackets with "buccal tubes" that can be used on molars instead. I have these.
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#3 Post by drrick »

Have yoou been checked by an alergist?

It is very uncommon to be alergic to the bands. I hav personally treated countless pts who said they were nickel-allergic with braces.

I would be interested in what the periodontist has to say.
SOunds like a gum inflammation situation which can be caused by many things
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#4 Post by jackjack »

i have this same problem too. i've had my braces for a little over a year and all of a sudden i started having problems with my bands. i had to go in 3 seperate times within a month because of my gums becoming swollen around my bands. i've had 3 bands taken off and at my next appointment the ortho is going to take my 4th band off and replace all with brackets to prevent this problem. i wouldn't be too stressed about it and i would definately keep the braces!

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