The Truth about Brushing teeth

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The Truth about Brushing teeth

#1 Post by fipo »

Hi all.
Since Ive got my braces on 5 weeks ago, ive been getting paranoid about brushing my teeth. You hear that you shouldnt brush your teeth straight after eating as the acid in your mouth softens the enamel and brushing can wear it away. So is this true? Is it better to wait a while and then brush (not very pleasent with braces) or are u risking cavities allowing food etc to sit around the brackets. I notice the edges of my front teeth look sorta see-through. I do use proenamel / and arm and hammer enamel care toothpaste. But just freaked with all the brushing it will end up doing me more harm to my teeth....ruining my enamel but end up with straight teeth!

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#2 Post by newsboysgrl777 »

Hi Fipo,

Just a quick response to say that if you feel you need to brush because of food or whatever being in your brackets, you can ALWAYS rinse with water, or, better yet, get a waterpik and use that to flush anything that might be stuck OUT. However, it is VERY TRUE that brushing right away can damage the enamel, so rinsing/water-piking is your best option. Also, it's a great idea to use a fluoride mouthwash during your time in braces, just in case. :)

Good luck!! :)


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