Elastics so soon?

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Elastics so soon?

#1 Post by Lioness »

Is it normal to have elastics so early?

I've had my top braces on for a little over a month. At my next adjustment I will get my lowers...in addition to elastics.

I thought elastics was used toward the end of your treatment.
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#2 Post by yj207 »

Maybe your teeth leveled up already? I would ask your ortho what the deal is.

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#3 Post by bluegirl »

I started wearing elastics the same day I got my braces on!

One I wear 24 hrs/day and another I wear 12 hrs/day.
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ME TOO! I had mine from day 1, maybe because my bite is really off :shock: They snap sometimes when I accidentally yawn.[/i]

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#5 Post by drrick »

Some of that depends on the type of braces.
For example if you are being treated with Tip-Edge brackets you start with elastics on day 1. With straight wire brackets elastics are often used more at teh end but for certain situations can also be used early.
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#6 Post by Jewles »

I had upper braces, lower braces, elastics and powerchains all put on on the first day! was a hellish few weeks :P

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