How long have you have braces ?

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Ice runner
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How long have you have braces ?

#1 Post by Ice runner »


I am having braces for around 9 months and I am just wondering when they will go off. :lol: I know the time can be different from person to person, but it is just a curiosity, how long more i will have to suffer. :)

Thanks, bye

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#2 Post by Audra »

Since every case is different, that would be a question for your orthodontist to answer.


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#3 Post by bluegirl »

It depends on the person but I think the average is anywhere from 18 months to three years.

I will have them on for 2 years.

Good luck with yours!
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#4 Post by browneyedgrl »

My estimate was for 12 months and I ended wearing them for almost 17 months.
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#5 Post by newsboysgrl777 »

I've had mine for however long my ticker says (I forget...LOL, but I know it's over a year) and my 'sentence' is projected to be 24-36 months (so that's 2 - 2.5 years). I'm PRAYING it's sooner, but know reality tends to disrupt that. I am hating having my braces...maybe it's because I never hated my teeth to begin with so I don't see anything major at the end of the road like some people who have hated their teeth forever, I don't know. All I know is, I wish I never got them put on...they've bothered me more than the potential positives. Hopefully I'll feel differently once I see the end result. :) (Sorry for being a downer, just in a lot of pain since my last adjustment and I'm cranky about it tonight. LOL)


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#6 Post by WiredIzzy »

I've had mine for 1 month and 4 days! And the estimate for my treatment time is 18-19 months... I'm hoping it will be quicker!

One month down!
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#7 Post by CactusZAF »

I've had mine for two years and three days now (of a two year estimate), and have at least three or more months to go.

The lesson I've learned is that an estimate is just that (it's not a certainty) and you should not count on being finished when your estimated time comes up, you could be finished months before or after the original estimated date.

Good Luck.

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#8 Post by starzz »

My tickers show 1) how long I've been wearing braces and 2) how much longer this time is than the original estimate!

Some people get them off early though...
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Ice runner
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#9 Post by Ice runner »

well thank you all for your answers.

So thats mean for me around 2-3 years, because there is no possibility for less then 2 years, I see my teeth are moving very slowly, I have adjustments every 3 months.... and teeth are not "big mess" just my front 4 teeth are in strange positions. So I really hope not more then 3 years.

I am asking because I always want it to have beautiful teeth, but I dont like to have my braces (well, not many people like them :) ) and I hardly wait to do this: :D and show everybody my teeth without metal.

Wish you all the best.

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#10 Post by Waiting2BeFabulous »

I've had mine on since February (2009) and my teeth have moved VERY fast. My ortho estimated 2.5 years for me but to be honest, I don't have any idea why it would take that long! At my initial consultation he told me that my bite wasn't off that much, that it was really just my teeth that were crooked and my bite was okay. I still have some extraction gaps to close, and my bottom teeth have already started to straighten out (I had to wait for a few months to get a bracket placed on one of my bottom teeth because there wasn't enough space to put it on with the rest of them). So....I realize that after they're straight it takes a while to "set" them but another 2 years?? I'm hoping that was a VERY conservative estimate and that they come off early...

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#11 Post by changes09 »

I have had mine on for 10 months. And my doc originally said I'll be in braces for 1.5-2 years. 18-24 months. But now he say's my teeth are perfectly straight, he just wants to make my pre molars touch which he says does not take long. He said I should be out of braces by December. I hope he's right! Here's to hoping!

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3 yrs. and counting!

#12 Post by cadc »

I've had mine on a little over 3 yrs now and I am SO sick of them! Prior to getting them put on, there was the discovery of a baby tooth still in the roof of my mouth though, so I had to get that removed. SOOO, the big part of my braces journey so far has been trying to pull down the permanent tooth into place, it's just about there! :roll:

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#13 Post by Jewles »

I have had mine since january and at my last appt my ortho said they should come off in about march. Initially he said I would have them for 18-21 months but March will only be 14-15 months :) yay!
I had very bad crowding and a 8mm overbite, had 4 extractions too.

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#14 Post by mmaynard »

I'm on day 3 of a 2 year estimate. My ortho told me what others here said - it's an estimate and sometimes it takes longer.

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#15 Post by cadc »

my ortho tells me he has no clue as to an estimate of how much longer i'll need mine on! Supposedly, he's never had a case as hard as mine to fix...cross bite, slight overbite, and moving a tooth into place? Isn't this pretty normal for orthos to see?

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