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New to the board..

#1 Post by Brian1983 »

I recently, 3 months, had braces put on for the second time ceramics up top and metal on the bottom. The reason I got them put on again was because I had to prematurely get them removed first time so my teeth relapsed very bad. I am about to graduate from college in a year and a half and want to have a nice smile when I enter the work or buisness world because having a nice smile is a way for a collegue or associate to feel more comfortable with you. I am just going to bite the bullet now while I am at school and do everything my ortho tells me and hopefully everything works out for the best which it will. I will be posting pics up here of my progress and hope to relate with some of you on here as it brings difficulty being an adult having braces on.


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#2 Post by Lioness »

good luck :D
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#3 Post by sarahlynn »

Congrats on getting the courage to have them put on again! You won't regret this down the road. It will be so nice to start off your career with a nice smile! Looking forward to seeing your pics.
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#4 Post by Brian1983 »

One thing I remember was when I got my braces off the first time all you want to do is smile and show it off. As far as wearing braces I really dont mind because its my teeth and im the one who has to live with them. The thing you benefit the most about them is the fact that you can bite properly again and cavities are less prevalent. The fact that you can show them off is just a perk.

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#5 Post by sarahintx »

Hey Brian I know what you mean about being an adult and having braces. I just had mine put on today and included an palatal expander and I'm 26! I work in a busy office and on the phone at least 50% of the day, so there's a lot of adjusting to made with my speech. Hopefully it'll get better with time and I won't be wearing the expander long.

Good luck.

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