Public brushing at College

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Public brushing at College

#1 Post by JHova »

I'm about to start college and having food stuck on my teeth is not cool. I'm thinking about bringing a toothbrush and tooth paste to brush in the bathroom sink after meals.

Will this be weird?

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#2 Post by ellen »

The first time you brush in public may feel weird, but you'll get used to it right away. Better to be self-conscious while you're brushing your teeth than to be worried that you have food caught in your braces.

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#3 Post by Laura1985 »

That's a great idea. When heading out to the dining hall you will be in the habitat of grabbing your student id and room key, so a travel toothbrush can just be one more thing. When I was in college we would often linger in the dining hall after meals catching up with people, or relaying fun stories from the night before on Saturday mornings. Anyhow, a quick run to the bathroom after eating will allow you to come back to the table and enjoy the conversation without being self-conscious.

And whether it's the dining hall bathroom, or the bathroom on your dorm's hall, brushing in public won't be weird. You get used to the communal bathrooms and besides, lots of people have had braces already so they won't think twice about it. Have a great time in school!
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#4 Post by Lioness »

congrats on starting'll have so much fun!

Make sure you hit the books though...

yes, I would recommend you take a travel toothbrush...I like to carry around a spare water bottle too
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#5 Post by bbsadmin »

The DentaKit "Braces Survival Kit" product is perfect for your situaiton, as well:
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Re: Public brushing at College

#6 Post by Susy »

JHova wrote:I'm about to start college and having food stuck on my teeth is not cool. I'm thinking about bringing a toothbrush and tooth paste to brush in the bathroom sink after meals.

Will this be weird?
I already brushed in public places before braces (college, work, malls, ...), so I always had toothbrush, toothpast and dental floss (although I only used the last when really needed - I was more ashamed of opening my mouth that much in public that really the brushing part). Also where I work the women all brush their teeth after meals (with or without braces) so, it would be weirder not doing it. I only added the interdental brush to the package, since some food really doesn't want to get out.

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