What is the first thing your husband/BF said

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What is the first thing your husband/BF said

#1 Post by Fashionvictim »

When you flashed him your new smile what is the first thing he said. I am getting fully braced Friday and at age 39 am apprehensive about what these things are going to do to my appearance. On Friday he will get his first look at the next two years of my look and I would love to know what to expect. If he says "you look like Jaws" I am sure that I will start crying. :oops:

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#2 Post by cathykay »

I called my boyfriend after I got my braces because I was crying and was convinced I looked terrible. I was so nervous about how he would react the first time he saw me. I don't remember exactly what he said but it was probably along the lines of, "aww honey, don't cry! they look cute!" Then I cried more because I was so happy to have such a sweet boyfriend. :wink:

I doubt your husband will tell you that you look like jaws! Have you expressed your concerns to him? My boyfriend has a tendency to joke-around with me but he knew that right after getting my braces, I was feeling insecure and so he made sure not to crack any jokes that I might take the wrong way. Chances are your husband will be very understanding!

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#3 Post by sarahlynn »

My husband has been nothing but encouraging throughout all of this - thankfully! Beforehand he kept telling me that it was all no big deal and the longer I put it off the longer they will be on. When I came home the day the braces went on I was really depressed. He wanted me to flash him a big smile but I just cried. Then later that evening he said, "you still haven't shown them to me." I begrudgingly showed him and he was very nonchalant about it all - said that honestly I didn't look that different at all. He doesn't ever say negative things about my appearance with them - I bring them up when I'm having trouble or when there's something funny and we laugh about it together, but it's all in a light-hearted manner. He is concerned about me getting hit in the face when we play soccer so he always tells me to keep my hands up when the ball is kicked high near me and sometimes he'll tell other players - "she has braces now, she doesn't need to be hit in the face with the ball!" Sometimes I want to hush him up when he says that since I don't always want them to be pointed out to everyone (but really it's no secret that I have them on!!), but I know he's just concerned about me. If he ever accidentally touches my face too hard he feels so bad if I'm sore that day.

He's sympathetic to the fact that I can't eat like I used to if I'm sore, and he's supportive of doing this for myself.
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#4 Post by KimC »

It took me a long time to decide tog et braces again. I was married at the time adn my now ex-husband was opposed tot he idea. He didn't want to be married to someone wearing braces. So, I decided not to be married to him any more, lol. We had been seperated for several months when I finally gott hem fitted. He said I looked foolish with my braces which only helped confirm that I made the right decision (both to get braces adn to get divorced.

I met my bf after I had already had my braces for over 6 months. By that point i was very comfortable with my braces and confident as well. He has always been great about it. He knows he can joke with me about having braces and we can laugh about it, but he is also very empathetic about my treatment and takes good care of me on my bad days. He has never known me without braces. I hope he still likes me when they come off!!

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#5 Post by Susy »

the first thing my boyfriend said was "show it [the braces]". the second was "those are cute". My boyfriend wasn't much in favor of me getting braces (he thought I didn't have crocked teeth - love's blind), but he never said nothing bad about how I look in braces.
I'm sure you husband won't say nothing mean, plus, it won't be the look you will have in the next 2 year, unless you've pretty much aligned teeth, the initial position of the wire and brackets are a little weirder that they will have most of the treatment.

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#6 Post by I love my teeth »

My husband and kids have been very supportive. After a few weeks, he said he doesn't even notice the any more. Many of my girlfriends who knew I was getting them tell me, "whatever, it's no big deal" and now after several months, they can see some differences. I even had a few friends who didn't say anything at all, and when I asked why, they said "why should I, it's not a big deal" I think its a bigger deal to us, than anyone else!

I am totally over that self conscious feeling now, it took a few months, but there are times when I don't even notice them.
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#7 Post by sarahintx »

My husband has been completely supportive of me since I started talking about getting braces 6 months ago. I finally got everything put on today including a palatal expander. I called him from the parking lot after they finished up, just about in tears telling him I was going back in to tell them to take them off...he said it couldn't be that bad and it'll pay off in the long run. I seen him a little bit later and he said that he could hardly tell they were there, I have ceramic on top and metal on bottom...In the end he said I looked great and that he's happy that I finally took the leap to get it done. I'm lucky to have such a supportive husband! I'm pretty sure I'm going to be very self conscious for a few months until I get used to everything and figure out how to talk with the expander but with him around it should be easy!

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#8 Post by avy »

My BF comments were 'pfft you cant even see them' and though they looked humble :D . I had SARME surgery though so he had to go through the gap stage which is a much bigger deal than braces. I wasnt that upset when I saw myself with braces either to be honest. All I can think about is how great my teeth are going to look in less than 2 years! I had a few moments with my 7mm gap where I felt less than desirable but I got over it and it feels like a distant memory now. Short term pain...

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#9 Post by Blossom »

My boyfriend became my fiance' 3 weeks ago, so I guess he doesn't mind them that much! Whenever I have a bad braces day, he tells me how brave he thinks I am and helps me cheer up. :)

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#10 Post by braceface418 »

He said they'd make me look younger if my teeth weren't so crooked, so I'd have to ask again in a few months. To be fair, this was after I made a crack about financing my braces with fetish photo shoots (kidding!)

He was nice enough to get me soft foods and other supplies following my extractions, gum graft, and crown lengthening though, which was certainly appreciated.

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#11 Post by Lioness »

wow KimC, you sure did make the right decision...

its nice that you all have such supportive boyfriends/husbands...as for me, I'll let you all know when I get one :P
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#12 Post by Bellalalala »

My fiance just made really inappropriate jokes about how I remind him of middle school.

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#13 Post by cvn »

My boyfriend never called me again after he saw them. I would have expected more since we're both almost 30 and were going out for a good 9 months, but oh well. Jerk :-/

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#14 Post by SimplySpiffy »

I have not had my braces put on yet (September 14th!), but I did ask my boyfriend if it was going to bother him. He said that I'll probably look cute (he's so supportive), but I'll have to let you guys know what he says when I actually have them on!

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#15 Post by pixelbrace »

once I got them, my bf saw how subtle they were and decided to get them too!
(he needed them more than i did and has wanted to get them for years!) so we're both fully braced. we know what the other is going through so it def helps! we both have the ceramic ones so not very noticeable at all!

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