Brackets installed 5 months later

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Brackets installed 5 months later

#1 Post by 888A »

Hi, I've had my braces for 4 months now and at my last adjustment my ortho. told me that I'll be getting brackets installed on the 4 rear most molars on the next visit. I always did wonder why I didn't have brackets there but it wasn't a big deal, and as far as I was concerned the less brackets the better. I'm also going to get a couple of brackets repositioned on the front to straighten those teeth out properly. It was a little to crowded down there to position the brackets correctly the first time. So now I get to feel how it is to remove those ceramic brackets.

Anyone else have brackets mounted months after this much time. My ortho. said it's to help close the gap from my extractions and fix my bite. I think it's going to hurt for a while, can't wait :cry:

On a completely separate note, I'd like to share that I got certified as a BBQ Judge by the Kansas City Barbecue Society with braces. Luckily it was before an adjustment so my teeth didn't hurt much. LOL. I couldn't gnaw on any ribs though but did pull the meat off the bone. :D

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#2 Post by claypool »

I had an appointment last Monday(17th) and my ortho. did the same thing he applied bands to all four back molars(two on top and two on bottom) I have had braced for six months. Also, he repositioned the bands on my bottom front teeth because he said my teeth were to crowded at first and now they have moved enough for him to position the bracket at the center of each tooth which is were they should be for the most movement, but that option was not possible at first because of the crowding. Anyway, the whole process took about forty five minutes and it was like getting braced again. It wasn't quite has bad and by a week later I felt fine. Also, the brackets look nicer on my bottom teeth. Now, they are in a straight line instead of jagged.

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#3 Post by lizard »

I didn't have quite the same experience, but I got my bottom braces on about three weeks ago and I have brackets on all of my lower teeth, but I don't have a wire attached to them. The wire only goes as far as my second premolars. My guess is that the brackets were put on all at the same time so that I could get used to them, so when the wire is attached to all my brackets there won't be as much discomfort.

It's funny, I never realized how much detail was really involved in getting braces, I thought it would be braces on-straight teeth in a few months. I guess it just takes baby steps and patience to get to the final result.

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#4 Post by starzz »

I had brackets on all teeth but the wire didn't go to the 2nd molars for some months, until I got a thicker wire. When you have the initial light wire, it's easy to bend it and pull it out of the last molar by chewing. Also it's hard to floss back there and it's not usually necessary to connect the back molars in early treatment.
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