Positive changes so far in braces!

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Positive changes so far in braces!

#1 Post by amandajane »

One tooth has moved upright.
  • Teeth are more aligned and where they can move into where they should be.

    Anyone else want to list positive changes with braces ! :D

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#2 Post by PiscesFish1969 »

amandajane, I think this is a great idea. :D

Before braces, my teeth were so crowded it was hard to floss because it just didn't fit between my teeth. Now, even though I have to work around the wires, I can actually floss! :D

Before braces, I couldn't bite into foods like sandwiches, or apples, or well, anything, because of my open bite. I'd never make it all the way through the bite. Now, I've really only tried sandwiches, but hey - my front teeth actually work for what they were intended! :D

My teeth aren't all turned sideways & my smile is much nicer, even with the metal! :D

It's been a year, and I'm seeing progress. :D
Hubby got his Harley - 8/07
Started researching Orthos - 9/07
Lower Pre-molar extractions 8/6/08
Braced on 8/13/08 - 39 years old
Debraced on 12/6/2010 - 41 years old
Looking forward to the next 41+ years, this time with an improved smile!

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