different length teeth?

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different length teeth?

#1 Post by riebeetee »

My front teeth are beginning to straighten out....and I've never noticed before, but one of my front teeth is noticeably longer than the other!! I know that will be taken care of when I'm done with braces, I'm just really surprised that I never noticed it before!

I just wanted to share about the freakiness of my teeth!

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#2 Post by PiscesFish1969 »

i experienced something similar - i always thought one of my teeth was just turned in really far, but once it straightened out a bit, i realized that it's actually really small & sort of an odd shape - my ortho says I'll probably need some cosmetic dentistry to make it look completely right since it doesn't match my other teeth.
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#3 Post by jjjmac »

yeah, I'm in this boat also. Several of mine are of different lengths and, honestly, if I had realized before how different they were, I probably wouldn't have bothered with this whole process. It was hard enough to come up with the money for the braces, let alone cosmetic dentistry afterwards!
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#4 Post by changes09 »

THE SAME THING HAPPEND TO ME!!!!!!! My two front teeth were so far apart that I did not notice! My doc said you can either have the longer tooth shaved down, or have bond put ont he shorter one to make it longer. But when you bond the top four-six or the bottom four-six teeth the bond usual chips off. I am thinking about maybe lumineers? but I'm still in braces so I'm not too worried about it at this moment in time.

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i feel yaaa

#5 Post by KRAGUCCi »

mine do the same thing like when i put my top row right on top of my bottom only the right side front tooth touches my bottom teeth. what the hell is that ?? lol
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#6 Post by riebeetee »

Now that I've been staring at my teeth more, I think it's actually the two teeth on my left side are noticeably smaller than the two on the right side!!

I'm really glad it's not just me! I thought my teeth were so abnormal!

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#7 Post by yj207 »

Everyone should have different sized teeth, nobody really notices if your teeth is slightly larger than the other. Also if they're all the same size or similar size then it looks fake.

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