Elastics/rubber bands and stages of orthodontic treatment

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Elastics/rubber bands and stages of orthodontic treatment

#1 Post by Maria83 »

Hi all!

I have now entered month 4 in braces and I can see significan progress in my teeth which pretty much keeps me going on. Now my ortho said that we have almost completed the first goal of the treatment and at my next visit, 6 weeks from now, rubber bands/elastics will be placed. What I would like to know is whether the elastics are placed at a spesific stage of the treatment or if they can be placed at any time necessary whether this is the beggining, the middle or the last stages of treatment. Does anyone know if orthodontic treatment is divided in stages and if so which they are roughly?

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#2 Post by thisisme »

Elastics can be placed at any time. Some people think you get them towards the end of your treatment, but that's not always the case.
I currently have elastics and I'm at least two years away from my braces removal. :)

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#3 Post by bluegirl »

I got elastics the same day my braces were put on. I wear one 24 hours/day and the other for 12 hours/day.
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#4 Post by sksk11 »

I got mine at my last adjustment, 11 months into a 2 year treatment. If your bite is very malaligned you may get them early on in your treatment, but if not, your ortho may prefer to straighten the teeth first, then work on the bite with elastics after this.

SK :-1

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#5 Post by lfwood »

It seems that every month between adjustments a different goal needs to be acheived :)

One month I had elastics, one month I had a power chain on the top arch, this month I have 2 wires on my top arch.

I have been told that I will had elastics again later in my treatment too.

I wonder what I will get next month.....

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#6 Post by acidcookie »

My first 3 months in was dedicated to closing spaces. Once most of them were closed, they started the elastics. I'm assuming once my bite is shifted (I'm class III) they'll work on closing the last few spaces. So far I've moved a little not sure how much though.

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#7 Post by Maria83 »

Thank you all. I suppose I will know more about the time length when my ortho places them so patience is (once again) the key word. Hope we are all finished and freely smiling soon!

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#8 Post by momilani »

Tickled me to read this.

I'm always telling my husband that each visit brings a new set of things to get used to. Occasionally somewhat medieval, but so far always mercifully brief in duration.

And at just 6 months in, I can see/feel such changes!!

The process is absolutely fascinating to me.
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#9 Post by PiscesFish1969 »

I got elastics about 10 months in, for 8 weeks, but at yesterday's adjustment was told not to use them now. I had several brackets re-positioned yesterday and new wires, so there's a lot of new stuff going on as it is! I'm sure I'll have elastics again before my treatment is complete.
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#10 Post by Maria83 »

Agh I wish I knew the ortho's plan, I hate not knowing. Then again not knowing probably saves us from disappointment when things don't go according to the plan :)

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#11 Post by jxds »

I got the first elastics 8-9 months in, now I've been wearing them for 5 months and it looks to me that the are going to stay... I've got 3 different configurations, and each time is kind of hard getting used to new teeth aching..
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