How many brace wearers here are in England?

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How many brace wearers here are in England?

#1 Post by JamesBraces »

I just wondered how many brace wearers there are here in England, as I live in Cambridge and havent seen anyone else!

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#2 Post by hj55 »

I'm in Portsmouth, Hants & haven't seen any.

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#3 Post by hj55 »

I'm in Portsmouth, Hants & haven't seen any one either.

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#4 Post by Netales »

I'm in portsmouth too!

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#5 Post by crazybeautiful »

Yorkshire (of the South variety :) )

But I don't think there's any secret underground brace-ring like a Freemasons organisation. They're just not hugely common in terms of the entire population :P
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#6 Post by FrockyHorror »

I'm in the Midlands and I've seen/know quite a few adults with braces around here. In fact I got into a lift in Ikea with a woman about the same age as me with braces on only the other day!! My neighbours have had them and several of the school mums that I know.

I do think that attitudes to teeth are slowly changing over here ... even though you might not know it if you watch the Jeremy Kyle show :lol: !!!!

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#7 Post by sparky1985 »

i wear braces and im from southampton! i know a girl in her 30's that has bright pink braces, i think they look really cool 8)

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#8 Post by emilie »

I'm from Wales not england. I know a lot of people with braces at the moment- The NHS system here has been awful and they've just started getting it sorted, so everyone who has been waiting for 2-4 years have suddenly got them!!

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#9 Post by tazzle »

I am in west midlands.... and there is another braced adult in shropshire I think .......... we are still rarely as common as to actaully meet others out and about I suppose :wink:



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#10 Post by emilie »

Yeah I have to go over to shropshire for my appointments (there isn't enough surgeries this side of the border). Even though I AM an adult, I still count as a child because I was referred when I was 16...It's so confusing!

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#11 Post by Audra »

I'm not from England, but my hubby is. When we visited in December I didn't see any other adults with braces. His parents live in Paulton.


Rachel B
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#12 Post by Rachel B »

Somerset :lol: :lol: :lol:

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#13 Post by mtj111 »

Near chester here. Not seen anyone over 18 even with ceramics, never mind full metal like mine. I think invisalign is getting popular though.

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#14 Post by sauerkraut »

Not in England any more but still visit fairly regularly (most often to Kent) and have yet to see another adult with braces there.

Was quite excited to notice the other day that the supermarket checkout lady here where I live (in Germany) has braces, though. First adult I've seen with them ever, since I got mine over a year ago :) .

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#15 Post by PrincessPeach »

I'm from Manchester, not often you see many older people with braces, though a customer in my shop does wear them

But i look about 15, so really i suppose i can get away with having them at 19 & it not being too much of a shock for anyone!
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