My brand new ligs are stained!

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My brand new ligs are stained!

#1 Post by hal2me »

Yesterday I had my second adjustment. I had nice new pearly white ligs. This time around my teeth were not sore, so my husband took me out to dinner. I ordered at cheeseburger with the works! Little did I know that mustard stains! My nice new ligs are now a pale shade of yellow :cry:

Oh well. I learned my lesson. It just gets my behind that I am so careful about what I eat or drink so they do not get stained. You live and learn.

Have any of you stained your ligs on the first day?

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Snaggle Tooth
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#2 Post by Snaggle Tooth »

I am a coffee drinker and food lover, so mine stain pretty much the same day, lol. It came down to either abstaining from everything that I love or handle the staining. I chose to just deal with the staining, no one really notices it but me, since I am the only one holding a mirror 1.4 inches from my teeth 16 times a day, lol!

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#3 Post by 888A »

I had my braces mounted in June and I had some Japanese curry the same night. The ligs stained first day I got them, it was worth it though that curry was good :P Now that they're stained I don't worry about what food I eat will stain it.

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Re: My brand new ligs are stained!

#4 Post by Lela »

hal2me wrote: Have any of you stained your ligs on the first day?
I tired to once when I made the mistake of selecting white ligs :lol: . They were glaringly bright so I drank a pot of black coffee hoping to dim them down, it didn't work very well :P The only thing I did not try was curry. At the end of 6 weeks they were an ivory color. Not nearly as stained as you would expect after the daily coffee and food.

So far I have not had any staining issues. The silver and smoke are both just as fresh as new after 6 weeks and none of the pinks I have tried have discolored at all, not even the palest one.
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#5 Post by kitty123 »

mine stain very fast. I eat alot of curry, so my ligs actually end up bright yellow.. yuck. But the good thing is, it's just the lower arch that's got metal brackets with ligs, the top are self ligating so no ligs!! :D

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#6 Post by invertigofreak »

If I were you. I would swish red food dye in my mouth to make them red :D ROFL

Lucky I don't have them on mine.

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#7 Post by katiekate »

I stained mine in the first month by eating a cuppa soup! they turned fluorescent yellow! not a good look considering I was still getting used to the braces...

I'm definitely going to ask my Ortho if he can put the smoke or silver coloured ones on next time - I'm also a great lover of curry and red wine so going without it for 3.5 weeks every month is horrible!

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#8 Post by Sleclerc »

I dont know the name but I have a type that the Ortho puts on that doesnt stain at all(maybe wire ties?). I did have clearthe first time, but quicklyappreciated not having to worry about staining.

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#9 Post by hal2me »

Thanks for all the replies! The pale yellow has faded every so slightly. I will ask about some non-staining colors at my next adjustment!

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