Color recommendations?

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Color recommendations?

#1 Post by koffymasheen »

I'm getting power chains on for the first time coming soon at my 2nd adjustment. My first color choice was silver (I wanted something simple just so I could get used to the look of the braces), and now I have dark purple and dark blue. So... with my new chains coming on, and summer arriving, I decided I'm ready to try something (semi) bold and colorful. What do you all recommend for color choices? Pictures would be super helpful!

Thanks a lot, guys. As soon as I have a semi-decent camera I'll have to start taking pictures of my own braces/progress. :]

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#2 Post by kilikena311 »

I have pink right now. Seemed summery. My daughter wants me to get yellow but I'm afraid to go that route because I'm thinking it might make my teeth look yellow.

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#3 Post by thisisme »

I LOVE yellow! :D

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#4 Post by 32withbraces »

i have lavander now and going for my first adjustment next week.i think i may keep this color for awhile
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#5 Post by jesspenguin »

I'm jealous that you get to pick what color your powerchains are :) I've never had a choice. The particular type that my ortho is using on me only comes in silver. I totally would have gone with pink if given the choice though.
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#6 Post by jenny101101 »

I've had clear, screaming pink and blue. I hated the stained withing a few days. I like the pink but the blue is my favorite. There's pics of them in my story...just click on the WWW at the bottom of my post. They're on the last 3-4 pages, I think.
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#7 Post by MakePinkNotWar »

I think pink on top/yellow on the bottom would be very summery! Or if you have your adjustment before July 4th and you are American you could get blue on top and red on the bottom!
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Obviously powerchains would look a wee bit different but I figure this can give you an idea of what they would look like. I fancy the pink&yellow myself.

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