The results so far and funding for braces

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The results so far and funding for braces

#1 Post by GiverSSJ »

I have two questions

1) How do you like the results so far? Is this your second time in braces?

2) How did you fund your braces? Was it insurance?

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#2 Post by jesspenguin »

1) I'm pleased with my results. I didn't get braces to fix and aesthetic issue, it was to correct issues from an impacted canine. I never considered getting braces before that, but I am pleased with how my teeth are doing. Looking back now, my teeth were kind of funky looking before ;)

2) I'm paying the full $4,200 price. I took out a medical loan to pay the ortho in full at the beginning and I owe about $130 a month towards paying it off. At the time I got braces (March 2008) my insurance company didn't cover orthodontics for adults over 18. In the past year they have started funding for it, but I'm still stuck footing the bill. Oh well. C'est la vie.
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#3 Post by changes09 »

I am very happy about my results. I had such a big gap in my two front teeth it was ridiculous!!!!!!

I don't pay for my braces. My insurance does

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#4 Post by Briggsy »

I'm only 3 weeks in and can see some changes already and can definately feel them too. I'm very happy and looking forward to seeing lots of change inthe future. And as for funding it - i'm in the UK and 39, so I'm funding the £2K myself. (This bit it not so good)

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#5 Post by Inova »

You guys have got a great deal. I'm also in UK in London and am paying a whopping 4K for my Inovation SL braces. I have seen the moulds of how my teeth will look when the process will be finished (he removed the teeth that were to be extracted and moved the rest of the teeth back). That's what convinced me!

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#6 Post by Inova »

Oh, results. I've had my braces for 1 month and have got some gaps appearing between my crowded teeth, makes brushing and flossing much easier! Roll on 18 months

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#7 Post by Jewles »

This is my first time having braces, I nearly had them when I was 12 but my ortho refused to do extractions and said I would need all kinds of plates and head gear so I backed out. 12 years later I had to have 4 extractions after all and im loving my results so far :)

Mine have cost me $5800 and I received $1850 back from my health fund, ive paid mine in full so I can claim them as a medical expense on my tax and receive 20% back.

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#8 Post by 32withbraces »

im 3 weeks in and have seen monor changes so far.. im paying 55.. out of pocket. i put 1100 down and am paying 200 per month until they are payed for...only 22 payments to :D
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#9 Post by lovelyleo »

I put about 1700 USD down and pay 140 USD a month. So far the results have been worth every dollar spent. However, there are times when I do feel guilty spending the money when it could possibly go towards other bills like student loans. I wasn't about to wait for forever to get these things. I honestly never thought I could afford braces, but somehow I seem to do it.


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#10 Post by Margie »

1) This is my first time having braces, I have only had them for 3 weeks so far. I can't see any major changes yet, but I know it is only a matter of time.

2) My insurance only covers braces for children, so I will be paying the $6,000.00 myself. I have already paid $3,000.00.

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#11 Post by ellen »

1) this is my second time in braces, now it's 35+ years later (I can't believe that), but my bottom teeth were shifting to the point where I was going to lose one or more of my front teeth. No way that's going to happen.

2) I have dental insurance which would cover part of the cost of the braces, but I did not like the ortho on the insurance, so I went to an ortho I liked and am paying in full. I don't know if all employers offer a federal tax-save program (I work for a state government) but I can use up to $2,500 per year pre-tax toward medical/dental not covered by my insurance. I'm using those funds toward payment of the braces. Part of my tax refund went to the rest. By paying in full upfront the ortho gives a 6% or 8% discount (can't remember which off hand) on the cost, so that's what I did.

(I also have a suspicion that the orthos who accept insurance aren't as committed to the patient's treatment as the ones who are paid in full, but that could just be my impression (no pun intended) of the ortho on my dental insurance. Most orthos (and dentists) don't accept insurance and there's got to be a reason why. I don't want to get short changed on my treatment).

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#12 Post by acidcookie »

1) It's my first time in braces (parent's couldn't/wouldn't finance them when i was growing up)

2) My insurance covers half, and the other half was funded through my performance bonus at work.

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#13 Post by acidcookie »

Oops hit the submit button too early. In less than 3 months, my gap is almost closed! If only my bottom teeth would start cooperating!

So yeah, happy so far but I have a long way to go.

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#14 Post by PiscesFish1969 »

1) First time in braces. Wanted them since I was 12, got them when I was 39. My parents couldn't afford them. So far I am very pleased. It's been 10 months, and I am seeing results. I'm amazed, really.

2) My insurance covered $1500.00 - the rest I saved for on my own.
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