Can x rays be taken with braces on teeth?

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Can x rays be taken with braces on teeth?

#1 Post by amandajane »

Can x rays be taken with braces on teeth? Is that normal?

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#2 Post by Megan11 »

Yes your ortho will take x-rays during your treatment to make sure the roots are moving correctly.

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#3 Post by browneyedgrl »

Yes they can, I had my regular annual x-rays from my dentist with my braces on as well as with my ortho.

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#4 Post by uvraise »

As others have stated, yes radiographs can be taken with your braces on. However, the brackets and archwire will appear "radiopaque", which means the xrays will not penetrate them and they will appear as "white" on the radiograph or x-ray itself. In a previous life I took medical radiographs for 12 years. Hope that helps!

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#5 Post by Hoff »

your mouth will be electrocuted

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#6 Post by amandajane »

Do you mind explaining? :tingrin: :Questions:

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#7 Post by Polly »

Your mouth won't be electrocuted so don't worry amandajane. I have had numerous x-rays while I had braces on


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#8 Post by DrJasonKTam »

X-Rays can be taken with or without the braces on.

Your orthodontist is likely taking a panoramic x-ray which is a view of the jaws and the roots in one film. This one is not diagnostic for cavities or bone loss. As mentioned, it is generally looking for the position of the roots to make sure they are parallel. It may also be used to see the presence of other teeth that are developing or to send information to the dentist/oral surgeon for extractions or an exposure.

Your dentist is likely taking periapical or bitewing films. The former is used for the anterior teeth, and to visualize the roots of the posterior teeth. Bitewings are used in the posterior region to check for cavities and bone level. Since the wires and brackets will appear on the x-rays as radioopaque (white, like the bone and teeth), it may not be possible to check for cavities with them on.

Hope this helps!
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#9 Post by Skysi »

I had a set of x-rays taken at the beginning of the year, with my braces.
on 20th March 2008

got them off 9th November 2011

(3 years 7 months 2 weeks 6 days)

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