how many teeth do you have left?

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#16 Post by MakePinkNotWar »

I have 28 teeth left after having my wisdom teeth taken out a few years ago. I think 28 is a perfect fit for my mouth, I couldn't imagine having any less or anymore. I wouldn't worry about having less than 28 though, one of my best friends had to have many teeth extracted simply because her mouth was too small for all her teeth. I forget the exact number now since she had them extracted many years ago.
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#17 Post by staceyr2 »

I have 27. Never had wisdom teeth, and had a premolar (is that a bicuspid?) extracted after braces went on.
Most people I know who had braces as kids have about 24 teeth.
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#18 Post by Lela »

I have 32. My wisdom teeth came in nice and upright and my teeth are small so I didn't have an overcrowding problem.
I expected the orthodontist would want me to have my wisdoms removed but he said there was no reason for them to go.
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#19 Post by yj207 »

I also have 24 teeth, it's kind of nice - fewer teeth to floss!

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#20 Post by jjjmac »

24 here also. I don't think it's as unusual as you think. :) I had 4 teeth removed before getting the braces on, and I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed a few years before that. The bad thing is that I never lost my baby molars so they are really worn down and in bad shape. stupid mutant genes :p
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