No More Braces :) And a few questions

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No More Braces :) And a few questions

#1 Post by Andromeda »

Hey all, I got my braces off yesterday which I posted an update with some pics in my braces story on page 7 here: viewtopic.php?t=29473&start=90

And also a short post in The Naked Tooth forum that shows a better close-up here: viewtopic.php?t=31219

My ortho had 2 sets of molds made for me - one was for the Essix retainers which I got yesterday and the other was for a "positioner" which he said he has to send away for and I'll get at my first retainer check next month. Apparently it's like a mouth guard and I will wear it instead of my retainer for 12 weeks. I have to wear it all night and for 2 hours per day. During the 2 hours/day I have to clench on it and then release, clench, release, repeat. He said it will help my teeth "settle" faster. Has anyone had one of these and did you have good results?

Also, I started using Crest White Strips and they haven't caused me any pain or sensitivity yet (I've only used 2 applications so far) but I did notice they seem to be bleaching my gums in some places. Has anyone done teeth whitening and had that happen? Does it go away, and if so, how long til it goes away?

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#2 Post by SazWiz »


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#3 Post by rachellerachelle »

Hey Andromeda. Congrats on the great looking new smile!

I have done Crest White Strips before. After about a week I started noticing increased sensitivity in my teeth (not quite pain, but almost) and a sort of translucent look to my teeth. But it went away as soon as I stopped the 2 week treatment.

Also, I too had the bleached gums one day. I think it was because I accidentally put the strip too much over the gum area. It took at least a day or two for the whiteness to fade. Try not to cover too much of your gums with the bleach strip and it shouldn't be a problem.

Enjoy your naked teeth!


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#4 Post by MrMetalMouth1029 »

I can't answer any of your questions, unfortunately, but I did want to congratulate you on your new's da bomb! :) May we all see our day come up in due time!
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#5 Post by Kristiana »

Your teeth are beautiful! :)

I've used Crest Whitestrips and was very happy with the results. I hope they work well for you, too!, too!

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