what did you wish you had known prior to bracing?

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#16 Post by starzz »

Having worn braces previously as a teen, I thought I knew what to expect ... but I wish I would have known how much more sensitive adult teeth can be when moving.

I wish I would have known the estimated treatment time could be so far off the actual time, even when I was compliant and kept my apts, wore my elastics etc.

...that the painful dental cleaning I endured due to sensitive braced teeth could be helped by applying a gel to the teeth just prior to cleaning.

...that dark grey is the most subtle nonstaining color for ligs and powerchains.

As for the ceramics, I paid $300 extra for the top social six and would do it again. It makes me feel better about my appearance and willing to smile for any photos. True other people don't care about our teeth but the whole braces process is about doing this for myself.
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#17 Post by sarahlynn »

I'm day two into my spacers - I had no idea about these and they're still in for 6 more days. I'm more sore today than I was yesterday but have been able to eat ok today. After reading horror stories of spacers on here I hope that the pain doesn't worsen over the next 6 days!

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#18 Post by amandajane »

I wish I hadn't forgotten to eat soft foods. Once my braces were on I had a hunger attack, which means I eat alot.
Anyways my orthodontist was nice to me and let me set up payments,
a 722.50 twice as a down payment and only 289.00 every month after. The office is really nice, about helping me with my payments.

I didn't know this site existed, until 4 or 5 months into my treatment, oh well. I didn't realize people took pictures of the updated or in the works smile.

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#19 Post by MrMetalMouth1029 »

I wish I had eaten two years' worth of popcorn because I am craving it like crazy right now and I can't eat it!!! Well, I guess I could, but I'd be taking a big risk :P
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Re: response

#20 Post by Megan11 »

amandajane wrote:t and only 289.00 every month after. The office is really nice, about helping me with my payments.
$289 a month is being nice? :shock:
I dread my $134 lol

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