I never realized..

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I never realized..

#1 Post by magster »

how quickly time flies....

Ive been braced for almost 2 months and I remember when I first joined this forum it was day 1 of being braced - i would read some of these posts and see others countdowns/tickers and was a bit jealous to see that some people have had braces for a month 2 months... 6 months etc and I kept on thinking to myself GOSH how did these people get through so much already when I am sitting here obsessing about these and Ive had them for a day.

also, the worst part was noticing random AKWARD CHANGES that didnt make sense to me.. spaces being created where I didnt think they needed to be created.


do I like them? -- eh I have my days where I wish I could rip them off but overall I guess I have accepted them.
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Re: I never realized..

#2 Post by Andromeda »


do I like them? -- eh I have my days where I wish I could rip them off but overall I guess I have accepted them.
I feel the same way but you got there wayyy before me haha. I really obsessed in a negative way until very recently. It had been over a year until I got to the point where you are, so great job :)

Hope your good attitude sticks with you for the remainder of treatment. I think this site helped a lot with that for me. I had lurked for a while but didn't join and get personal support til about 10 months or so into treatment. It really is a life/sanity-saver sometimes!

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#3 Post by tazzle »

before you know it they will just feel "normal" and you will almost forget what it is like to NOT have braces :lol: :lol: :lol:



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#4 Post by blindboarder2008 »

glad you are getting used to them magster!!!!:D:D time will continually to fly by, I still can't believe I've had my braces for over a year and getting jaw surgery tomorrow!!
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#5 Post by cathykay »

I know what you mean!

I was browsing the forum for a while before I got my braces. Looking at everyone's counters and progress photos, I would get jealous that they were seeing improvements and were on their way to being de-braced, meanwhile I was just sitting at home with crooked teeth. Now that I'm in braces too, it's weird but exciting to see the counter keep moving and have people commenting on MY progress.

It's funny how other people are now looking at our replies and thinking thinking "Wow, they have had their braces for two whole months!!" One day, we will be the girls posting that we are finally getting our braces off and other people will be jealous of us. ;)

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#6 Post by lovelyleo »

Time does fly by. I think I handle my braces in a cycle. I dred them for about a month or two then wake up one morning and see a gap closed or a tooth move dramatically, get excited for an adjustment, dred the discomfort afterwards, get in a funk because I don't see movement for awhile, and then wake up a few weeks or a month later and notice drastic changes and it starts all over again. I warn future brace wearers that treatment is sure as hell not about instant gratification. The only thing I do miss about braces is the 140 dollars missing every month out of my bank account..but I HAVE to pay for services rendered...needless to say I have big plans for that money when I'm done with braces.


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