Thinking about getting braces off, advice needed

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Thinking about getting braces off, advice needed

#1 Post by azores »

Hi everyone, I'm glad I found this forum- I'm going crazy!

I got my braces put on June of 2008, I have two years left. However with all of the issues I've had, I'm definitely considering taking them off and getting a retainer before matters get worse.

The problem? I was given a consultation by a Dr who said I could not get any extractions from the top, because my profile would be damaged (I have a larger nose) if my mouth were to get smaller, my nose would appear larger. Not to mention I have smaller lips, the extractions would decrease the appearance of my lips.

However he said I would need three extractions from the bottom, and potentially jaw surgery to bring my bottom jaw forward slightly. I told him I would not get the surgery and he said, I would come out fine but would be off by a cm or so. I dont seek perfection, so I agreed.

Then he moved, and I was seen my different orthos everytime I went in....I believe no one was following a plan...and mistakes were made.

Finally I get a ortho new to the company, though very experienced. Right off the bat I trusted and liked him. I told him I would not do any upper extractions, he said I would need to trust him in order to make things "right" with my mouth (so I dont sue, I guess he's thinking). A report is sent to headquarters, the bottom teeth should NOT have been extracted...there were 3 bottom teeth extracted. So now this ortho is opening up the spaces that were nearly closed on bottom from the extractions. AND he said, "you need to trust me" and sent me to get two upper extractions...I took a leap of faith, and decided he must know what hes doing.

NO! So I ask what the plan is since I dont want my profile changing dramatically, he said "I wish you would have told me sooner!" I could not believe it!

Now the changes are obvious in my face, though the spaces arent done closing. I cannot handle them closing anymore, because I am getting uglier by the day.

My teeth are all straigh and lign properly, if you dont put into consideration I have 5 empty spaces...two on top are obvious when I smile. I was thinking of getting my braces off and getting a retainer with a partial denture to hold me over until I can afford implants in the future. My husband wants me to sue, there are no ortho attorneys in town....I have no money to hire one anyway. I pay about $130 out of pocket since I have no insurance, I think I should stop treatment before my face gets worse, I mean...I'll have perfect teeth but a huge nose and a tiny mouth...I'll look like a dinossaur.

What do you think I should do?

OH PS: I may be losing a 6th tooth, because during the period of time when no one was really following a treatment of my teeth moved so far out of normal position (It was laying on my bottom lips) that now it is brownish...however the nerve is still alive, though it is a sign that it will die soon.

I'm so depressed. I always had terribly crooked teeth and dreamed of getting braces since I was 12, got them when I was 25...and I'm not too sure it was a good idea now.

Thank you! :cry:

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#2 Post by uvraise »

I'm really sorry about youur situation! If you like the Ortho your with, on your next appointment, I would let them know what your expectations are from here on out. I would also ask it there is anything they could do now, while your braced, to help facilitate the things you want to do in the future. If you don't like the Ortho, I would suggest going to yet another Ortho and explain to them your past in detail.

I wouldn't get my braces removed prematurely for any reason. In so far as your other feature, If you have the means, go for a rhinoplasty consult if you are that unhappy. As with your braces, there are many financing options available to you.

I'm sure you don't look like a dinosaur! Your husband, I'm sure, loves your for the person you are and not what you think he sees! Hang in there, take deep breaths and explore all your options before you do anything you might regret!

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#3 Post by newsboysgrl777 »

i really have no advice to offer, but wanted to bump this post up so that more people see it and can hopefully offer helpful advice or even a solution. It breaks my heart to read this and although uv is right that your hubby and children still love you no matter what, your self-image is a HUGE part of who you are, so don't ever let ANYONE tell you that how you're feeling is unreasonable or wrong.

also, like another poster (on another forum) suggested, I would seek a consultation (or more than 1) with other orthos in your area and ask what they would do. Maybe ask what they WOULD HAVE done..and also see if they can offer any advice for you on how to go about recouping some of your money, etc., that you'll have to put into fixing what was done. :(

Another suggestion would be to google 'orthodontic attorneys' or 'medical attorneys' and who knows?! Maybe there could be an investigation done and more patients will be found and it could turn into a class action lawsuit? I simply don't know. :-\ BUT, maybe a consult with an attorney (any attorney) would be free and they could offer you some guidance??

Good luck, honey. And I'm so so so so so so so sorry for you. I am going to pray for you. That's a promise.


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#4 Post by azores »

Thanks for the replies! I spoke with an attorney today, sounds really complicated! However I wrote a grievance letter to the Company, I was very thorough with requests and detailing events which led up until now. So lets hope for the best! I will update this thread with new news, as I appreciate it when other people update their stories.

To top it off, I found out I am pregnant today! That will be 4 children, I am most blessed!

Tubal Ligation here I come!!!!


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