Reminder: Don't post photos of your full face

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DO NOT POST FULL-FACE PHOTOS or personal contact information on this website. We have had problems with people re-posting members' photos on fetish websites. Please only post photos of your teeth, not your whole face. Keep your email and your personal information private. Thank you.

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Reminder: Don't post photos of your full face

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I want to remind everyone that I do not recommend posting a photo of your full face, or using a full face photo as your avatar.

In case you didn't read the warning on the main page of the message board, let me inform you that fetishists often lurk on this message board. If you post your photo or any personal information, such as your real name they will try to contact you. If you post the URL to a website, such as Myspace or Facebook or a personal blog that has your real name and location, they may try to seek you out. Yes, it has happened!

Please play it safe. If you're going to post a photo, just use a photo of your teeth or the lower part of your mouth only. Do not post your real name. Do not link to a website that contains your personal information.

If I notice any of these things in your account, they will be deleted.

Thanks for understanding,
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#2 Post by Andromeda »

I haven't posted full face photos and will not do so in the future either, but I am just curious... are you mainly referring to photos of faces with the braces on or does that include photos of faces without the braces? I don't see too many full face photos but the ones I have seen on here are mostly people without braces on (usually their "after" photo). Like I said, I'm not planning on doing it, I was just wondering if there is much of an issue with the fetish folks after someone's braces are already off. Thanks!

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#3 Post by khrystal1968 »

How in the world can someone get off J/O'ing to a pic of a person in braces? Seriously, they have to have a pretty warped mind if that is what turns them on. I would LOVE to get a hold of one of those little pervs and put him thru extractions, braces and the works. I am sure after all that pain, he would thing twice about what is making him horny.

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#4 Post by DrBlur »

I know this was from a while ago, but as I'm new here, I couldn't believe when I first joined that there was such a thing as a "braces fetish" but sure enough, if you Google it, there it is...sick!!! Just when you thought there couldn't be any more weirdos or freaks out there... :shock:
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