How long before OTHERS start seeing changes?

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How long before OTHERS start seeing changes?

#1 Post by Lingualita »

I've had braces for 3 months now, and I can definately see changes myself. I asked my parents a few days ago if they could see changes and they said no. When I pointed here and there and showed where I had had changes they could see it, but not before that.

How long dit it take you guys to get comments on your impromevents? Btw, I know that my friends support me, but I think a few of them tind it a bit awkward to bring it up, so they moght have noticed shanges without saying so.

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#2 Post by Lingualita »

I apologize for the lousy spelling :lol:

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#3 Post by Lela »

The only one who has noticed my progress has been the orthodontist and his assistants, lol.

I can see how people that see you all the time might not notice. Kind of like when you live with a small child you don't notice the gradual changes like you would if you only saw the child once a year.
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#4 Post by LITTLEMA »

My boyfriend said he noticed changes on Friday which was only 5 days into braces.

And my supervisor at work noticed changes today, which is about a week and 5 days into braces.

But, I don't notice any POSITIVE changes.

So far, the spacers made my bottom teeth more crooked than they were to start off with. And my braces created gaps!

But i guess changes are changes..

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#5 Post by Andromeda »

Probably depends on how familiar the person is with your teeth and how much attention they care to pay to your treatment. I don't think that anyone really cared enough to notice my changes. Plenty noticed I got braces but not specific changes really and Im 4 days from getting them off so there have been plenty of changes along the way.

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#6 Post by MrMetalMouth1029 »

My significant other and my sister first mentioned that they noticed changes around April or so, about 6 months into my treatment. My significant sees me much more frequently than my sister, but it was great to hear that both of them noticed something a little different. I've noticed differences myself, of course, but the progress has started to slow down.
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#7 Post by acidcookie »

My coworkers and family already noticed the gaps closing. One of my cousins only saw me twice in a month and couldn't believe how much my front teeth had closed.

So I guess it took about 6 weeks for people to notice changes.

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#8 Post by magster »

I guess it depends on how bad your teeth were prior to getting braced. Mine were not horrible but I started noticing changes myself in about 5 days or so and got really excited thinking this is going to work! but those were not good changes. After my first adjustment other teeth hurt nowadays but the pain comes and goes from different teeth. Now for people noticing? i dont think they notice anything mainly because I dont smile much but then again since the changes are minimal I dont really think people will notice until I am about 6-7 months into treatment... but time will tell
Im sure my parents wont be able to tell because according to them I never needed braces to begin with.. YAA right away.

but I think my teeth look much better than when I started! :D

adjustment #2 is next week.

hoping for a new wire. want to speed this up.
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#9 Post by TumbleDryLow »

Aside from my husband, no one has ever commented on my teeth unless I have brought up the topic. I've had my braces for a year and a half. I didn't have a minor case either, my teeth were very bad--very crooked, very crowded. The changes to my smile were dramatic and very, very hard to miss. Yet, no comments. IDK, I think you're right. People may find it really awkward to bring it up. Maybe they fear it would be a backwards compliment. To say how great your teeth look now implies they looked noticeably bad before.

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#10 Post by changes09 »

my co workers noticed around the 5 month mark. my husband noticed right away my parents noticed around 6 months....but then again they only had pics to go by seeing that they live across the country

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#11 Post by Lingualita »

I was at a party the other night, and one of my friends said she could see positive changes. That made me so happy. I'm about 6 months into treatment. Will have to mention that she'd had a few beers, so I think most people feel a bit awkward bringing it up :lol:

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#12 Post by Susy »

my mother noticed at the 3th week, she also said she never noticed how out of place my top where until I had the wire on, so I guess If I hadn't a wire showing she wouldn't have notice it (I had as inverted V in my canine at first)

A coworker also made a comment, but she has braces herself, so I guess we are more tooth oriented.

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