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#1 Post by magster »

Just out of curiousity - how old are you?

There are many posts on here and all throughout the forum I see random comments stating how old someone is etc. I figured if we just START one post and keep it going nobody will have to repeat themselves a million times. If it doesnt work then oh well! at least I tried.

I am 22 will be 23 in December (hoping to have my braces off before my 24th birthday) if that happens I will be at the 22 month mark. Estimated treatment time is 18-24 and I know I shouldnt be hoping for 22 because me and my luck I will go over 24 months.
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#2 Post by Susie000 »

31, and desperate to get my teeth sorted out as I'm getting married this time next year. The ortho reckons he can tidy up my teeth with braces and a quad helix expander in 12 months. I hope I'm not going to end up a metal mouth bride!

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#3 Post by electrokitty »

28 and hoping my braces will be off by my 29th birthday next Feb!



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#4 Post by bracesat30 »

I'm 30 and just had them put on a week ago; so will be 32 by the time they come off. If only I had my time back; I would have done this so long ago! But better late than never.

I love my teeth
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#5 Post by I love my teeth »

I am 38, and hope to have these babies off when I am 40, but the doc said 24-30months, so maybe 40.5!!

And I too, wish I had my time back. I had my first ortho consult when I was 22, and I didn't want to do anything----ugh, to think I could have had this over and done with, but hindsight is 20/20....and off by 40 is ok in my book, especially if I live until I am 80, that's 40 good years with beautiful teeth!!!
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tacoma braced
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49 tomorrow

#6 Post by tacoma braced »

and hoping to have braces off before I'm 50.
but then the implant work begins..ugh..

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#7 Post by lwyrwood »

I'm 40! I'm looking forward to being 42 and fabulous. lol I tried Invisalign about 4 years ago and they just didnt work for me. I wish I had gone this route and I'd be 40 and fabulous... Oh well, better late than never. :D

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#8 Post by EmptyNester »

Got braces last year when I was 46 and my estimated time in braces is 2 yrs. I will be 48 and teeth straight---isn't that great!

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#9 Post by Audra »

I am 42 (43 in August) and am hoping to have braces off by December, but it'll probably be sometime next March-April.


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#10 Post by CCandy »

I'm 21! Got braces over a year ago and was hoping to have them off by march next year although I don't see it happening :(

Dating is such a pain in the ass since I'm so self consious with my mouth I keep thinking ohhh well life will start once its all over so I'm counting down the days until it's over lol.

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#11 Post by arieswithbraces »

I'm 33 and hopefully they will be off by 35...I don't give a damn how long this takes...these teeth gots to go!!! I tell the people at my job you won't be able to pay me not to look like this :BigTeethGrin: all day!!
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#12 Post by bstars »

I am 33, started almost month & half ago. I don't see any progress yet, but feel the difference when i rub my teeth against each other. ortho said 2 yrs, but i am already guessing its going to take longer than that seeing my progress so far. Hopefully in next appointent will get braces on lower teeth too.
so treatment will be over when i am 35 or 36.

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#13 Post by kilikena311 »

I am 31 and excited to finally be able to do something about my smile :lol:

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Re: 49 tomorrow

#14 Post by catfish »

tacoma braced wrote:and hoping to have braces off before I'm 50.
but then the implant work begins..ugh..
Wow tacoma braced - we are in a parallel universe! I just turned 49, got my braces when I was 47, and I'm hoping to have them off before I'm 50. I just had a bone graft as the first step toward an implant. And I'm from Olympia!
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#15 Post by lovey4 »

I'm 54 and retired now. I have small teeth and I've lived with spaces between all my life. Two years ago I decided to do this one major thing for myself and I'm so glad I did. I'm almost done - I just have 2 stubborn spaces that my tongue keeps pushing at. I always choose a fun colour for my ligatures - I have sky blue right now. I think I'll miss that when I'm done!

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