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#46 Post by Briggsy »

I'm an oldie too .... I'm 39 (will be the big four-o in July). Had my braces 2 weeks now. Sentence being about 10-14 months. Hoping to be debraced before I turn 41.... the braces (or should I say the straight teeth) are my 40th birthday to myself. I've always hated my teeth and finaly plucked up the courage and fork out the cash to get them sorted. Hopefully it'll put my 8yr olds mind at rest too as it looks like he'll need them too....

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#47 Post by Muffinmamma »

I'm 39. I had braces when I was 15 but everything started moving since I hit 30 (myself to blame, poor brushing and I smoked). Treatment has changed alot since my first brace, this time I had 4 teeth out and jaw surgery to correct my bite, never mentioned back then.
I'm really pleased I had the guts to do this, since I started I've met a few adults with braces, this web site is such a support too, wish I found it sooner!
Anyway, 3 months time the fixed brackets come off, looking forward to looking good at 40!

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#48 Post by Jo123 »

Im 18 and just had my braces on. Very odd because the only people I know my age with braces are coming to the end of a long treatment. Hoping to have mine off around my 20th birthday (about 18 months)

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#49 Post by ourfab5 »

61 here and planning on having a nicer smile when I dance at my grandkids weddings (oldest is 7 now)!!

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#50 Post by UGHBRACES »

I am 26. 8 months down and an estimated 12 months to go!

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#51 Post by Zameera »

I'm 15 now turning 16 this October. I got my braces over a year ago! I CAN'T WAIT to get my braces off the end of this year. :D My twin got her braces off last month!

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#52 Post by MrMetalMouth1029 »

I'm just a month shy of turning 27. If my sentence is 18 months, I'll be 28 when they come out...if the sentence is 24 months, I'll be 29.
Zameera wrote:I'm 15 now turning 16 this October. I got my braces over a year ago! I CAN'T WAIT to get my braces off the end of this year. :D My twin got her braces off last month!
How cool would it have been if you and your twin got braced and debraced on the exact same day!?! I'm sure you needed something to differentiate yourself though, lol :)
Braced (upper and lower): 10/29/08
Debraced: 3/17/10
Now sportin' a permanent bottom retainer
Alternate clear retainers every 12 hours


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#53 Post by Blossom »

I'm 28.. almost 29. I have begged my ortho to have my braces off by the time I turn 30 in June 2010.. but we shall see! :?

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#54 Post by Skysi »

I'm 24 at the moment, and i got my braces early last year. My treatment is going to be longer than originally intended, i'm hoping not by too many months/years :D
on 20th March 2008

got them off 9th November 2011

(3 years 7 months 2 weeks 6 days)

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#55 Post by Kristiana »

I'm 25, but I had braces when I was 14-15. I joined the forum because of teeth shifting and retainer questions :)

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#56 Post by Ice runner »

24 and tomorow is my 6 months anniversary ! :-)o :d

Around 1 year and a half to finish.

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#57 Post by Stevo »

37 here, I got my braces a week ago and so far so good. 2 to 2.5 years is the estimate for how long I'm going to be in them. Fun times ahead I'm sure.

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#58 Post by sarahlynn »

I'm 28 and just got braced today. I'll be 29 at the end of next month. Treatment for me could be as long as 3 years (I'm sorely hoping that that's an over-estimate!). I figure by my 30th birthday I'll at least have a nice smile even if the braces are still on. I'm thinking that my 30s will be a lot better than my 20s - and really my 20s were good, nothing to complain about except low self-esteem due to my teeth. Here's to the first day of turning that around! (once I get past the insecurities of having the braces and retainer on haha)

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Jenn S
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#59 Post by Jenn S »

I am 48, & will be debraced (hopefully) in time for 50, the new 30! :D

When I was at the typical "bracing" age my Mom actually worked at an Ortho clinic.
I told that to my Ortho- and said "isn't that crazy I never got them?"
He replied "She was just waiting for me to be born!"
Braced: 12-17-08 8:30am (PST)
2 Extractions 07-21-09 *****
Treatment for: Overbite, lower overcrowding.

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#60 Post by 636chick »

32 I have only had them a month, so 17-23 more to go.

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