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#31 Post by ellen »

Happy Birthday, Kurp!

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#32 Post by magster »

Im glad I started a meanigful post :) and Kurp HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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#33 Post by xJx »

18 and hoping to get braces very soon for the second time! :)
Smile and the world smiles with you! :D


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#34 Post by tazzle »

well happy birthday Kurp... depending in country and time zone still 29th here in uk but dont know what time it is where you are :wink:



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#35 Post by changes09 »

i started braces at 22. I am now 23 (just turned) and I am hoping to be 23 when i get them off. I wont be 24 till april. I have had my braces for almost 7 months.

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#36 Post by tazzle »

well we all have a fair bit to go to be the oldest having othodontic treatment .... my surgeon takes great pleasure in telling me that that I am not the oldest person he has treated.

lady of 80 had a bsso here in uk and all the team fondly remember her ...... apparently two years later she still rings them and tells them how great she is doing and how glad she is they did the op :D



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#37 Post by socksy »

I'm 35 - got braces when I was 34 - and hope to have them off right around my 36th birthday. My only regret is that I didn't take the plunge sooner - much sooner!

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#38 Post by Andromeda »

I am 24 and have had braces about 15 months. Getting them off in 4 days!!!

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Re: Age

#39 Post by Riley »

magster wrote:Just out of curiousity - how old are you?

There are many posts on here and all throughout the forum I see random comments stating how old someone is etc. I figured if we just START one post and keep it going nobody will have to repeat themselves a million times. If it doesnt work then oh well! at least I tried.

I am 22 will be 23 in December (hoping to have my braces off before my 24th birthday) if that happens I will be at the 22 month mark. Estimated treatment time is 18-24 and I know I shouldnt be hoping for 22 because me and my luck I will go over 24 months.
I'm 22 and hoping to get my braces off by my 24th birthday too :)

I've had mine since last September, so they've been on 8-9 months. I was told that they'd be on for about 16 months, I turn 23 in October so on my 24th birthday they'll have been on 25 months. Due to heavy snow in February one of my appointments was delayed for 6 weeks but I'm still hoping I'll finish before my fairly conservative aspiration...

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#40 Post by theKurp »

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

From here I never thought I'd look forward to turning 52 but given that I'll be that age when I get debraced, well.....I think all of us can relate to how much joy that will be.

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#41 Post by jesspenguin »

Andromeda wrote:I am 24 and have had braces about 15 months. Getting them off in 4 days!!!
Ok, so without being too stalkerish, I'm really curious to know (if you don't mind) when your birthday is? So much of our braces timelines match up (brace date, age, debracing date) that I'm wondering just how close it matches up. Thanks :)
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#42 Post by bluegirl »

Just turned 27. Likely getting braces this summer. I'll have them for 24 months so I'll be 29 when they come off. I sure don't feel 27 but apparently I am! :)

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#43 Post by Takako »

I'm 24, and will probably be 25 or 26 when I'm done ^^

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#44 Post by LB »

I'm 38 and with an estimated 2 years treatment time I'll be free of the braces at 40. I was supposed to get my teeth done at 13, but refused because I was scared of the operation I needed on an impacted canine. I'm actually quite glad I waited as when it comes to orthodontics, things have come a long way here in the UK since the 1980's!!

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#45 Post by jaylo »

Im 22. Just turned in April. Getting braces today! And estimated time of treatment is 12 months. :) My goal is to be done by June 1st 2010!

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