molar question

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molar question

#1 Post by trillium »

I had braces put on a month ago. I still have 2 teeth (badly tipped in and causing alot of problems) that will be pulled in a couple of weeks. Then sooner or later the ortho will work on moving my bottom molars forward to fill the gap.

My question is: once the bottom molars are moved forward, (I assume) they will be lined up with different teeth on the top. How do they correct your bite on fillings and crowns that are built to line up with different teeth on the top. Do crowns and fillings need to be redone accommodate the shift or can they be reshaped?

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#2 Post by Andromeda »

I imagine it is the same as teeth without fillings or crowns. I had teeth extracted in the back and when the molars moved forward, they just matched em up with different teeth in the bite. They will still fit together. By the way, I had my first molar on the bottom (both sides) removed when I was 11ish due to bad cavities, and I had my second premolar on top (both sides) removed at age 23 three weeks before my braces were put on because to make more room in my slightly overcrowded top arch.

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