How does your ortho rotate your teeth?

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How does your ortho rotate your teeth?

#1 Post by Koolmama »

Hello there!! Stupid question here ^_^

As some of you may remember, i had an impacted upper canine which was exposed and then pulled down over the course of about 15 months...

i'm happy to say that it's almost down to the level of the other teeth now, however, it's terribly rotated about 90 degrees such that the outside surface is facing the premolar next to it instead of facing the outside of the mouth (can you visualise it? :))

My ortho has been rather mysterious about how he plans to rotate the tooth, since there isn't much surface to work with... i was wondering if any of you guys had any tricky rotated teeth which were difficult to rotate, and if so, what were the means and ways that your ortho used to rotate them to the correct position??

Thanks for sharing...! :D

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#2 Post by classII »

Don't have that, but came across a nice video of what sounds like exactly your case. Looks like the bracket itself gets wired, and the arch wire also bent around the tooth so that when the normal forces come in to play, it rotates:

Click on the pic for the video:

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#3 Post by Megan11 »

I had two severely rotated canines that were once impacted. My ortho used powerchains and would take the bracket off those teeth and rebond them in a different spot until he got the canine rotated. For example, sometimes the bracket would be straight on the tooth and other times he would move it to the far, far left side of my tooth to get it to rotate.

For me rotating the teeth was really painful :(...just a heads up.

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#4 Post by sdawdy »

My ortho tried wire ties at first, they didn't work.

Then came power chains to give it a try, that didn't work.

SO, finally, they were going to put a lateral button on the tooth for an elastic, but the back side of my tooth was to small. So they found a really small (smallest one they make so I was told) molar band with cleats on it and glued it on. Elastic on the cleats on the lateral side of the tooth on bottom to the outside of the top tooth. This finally worked to get my stubborn tooth to move.

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#5 Post by hal2me »

Hi Koolmama,

Currently, my ortho is using wire ties to rotate my tooth. They really hurt at first, but I have seen some movement already. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

Hope this helps! :lol:

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#6 Post by Jenny5 »

I had buttons put on the backsides of a few teeth with power chains attached -- almost felt like I had braces on BOTH sides of my teeth -- but it worked pretty quickly.


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#7 Post by Shutter »

I had a combination of regular ligs, criss crossed ligs and wire ties on a badly rotated canine. It has taken awhile (more than 6 months), but it is almost there.



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#8 Post by embraces »

I have rotated upper laterals.

I just got braces put on a month ago and my orthodontist is trying to straighten them by pulling back my canines hence making room for my laterals to straighten up.

This involved extractions of my upper 1st bicuspids and I have a powerchain on my canines up to my 2nd molars. Also the module on my laterals are only on the distal of the bracket.

LOL I'm just repeating what I hear from my orthodontist.

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#9 Post by browneyedgrl »

I had a rotated lower canine and my ortho started straighting it with a figure eight lig and then used wire ties, tied extremely tight and it finally moved into place. I have to admit that it was quite painful, 800mg ibuprofen didn't help, but a strong margarita did!

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#10 Post by socksy »

Both my lower canines needed to be rotated and my ortho used a powerchain and wire ties. It worked easily on one side and is going much slower on the other side but I can see some progress.

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#11 Post by Takako »

I have a slightly rotated lower canine that seems to be doing okay just by being brought outwards, but I was wondering why it didn't seem to be turning very much! lol.

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#12 Post by Koolmama »

Thank you sooo much everyone!!! :)

Jenny5 & sdawdy, when you say "buttons", do you mean like those tiny white color things that you can hook an elastic band onto??

My ortho isn't doing ANY of the things mentioned here at the moment... *SIGH* :roll:

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