Why did you guys choose to have braces in adutlhood?

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Why did you guys choose to have braces in adutlhood?

#1 Post by GiverSSJ »

With me, I choosing braces because I still have a crossbite with one of my teeth and when I smile, it makes me feel like I have a weight on one side of my mouth. Also, my wisdom teeth created some crowding in the front of my mouth. How about you?

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#2 Post by Lela »

For me it was braces now or dentures not too far down the road. I chose braces :D
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#3 Post by Andromeda »

I wanted braces badly since I was 12 but mom couldn't afford them so I can finally afford now that Im out of college and have a job. The thing that bothered me most was my two top canines were raised up really high compared to my other teeth, and I had a crossbite and some other stuff that needed to be fixed too.

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#4 Post by hal2me »

I chose to get braces because I hated the way my teeth looked. Everytime I smiled, I felt like my teeth were sticking out over my lips. My husband is a photographer. Needless to say, I hardly ever let him take pictures of me.

Also, my bite is misaligned and I kept breaking teeth on the left side of my mouth.

Overall, I want to keep my teeth as long as I can.

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#5 Post by ayvecs »

i chose braces because i always wanted them since i was a teenager. i have a gap between my two front teeth which has always bothered me and wanted it closed. when i would smile or laugh i would always use my hand to cover my mouth. if taking pictures i would give a no teeth smile. now i'm at the stage where i have a job that pays well as well as good insurance, so now is a better time than any.

i think if i were to get braces when i was younger, i probably would of had to get them again because i don't think i would have been as disciplined in wearing my retainer as i should have and probably would have relapsed.

so far i am happy about the decision i made and i have only had my braces for a week now. i hope i will still feel the same way at the end of the treatment and what my new smile looks like.

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#6 Post by sisi »

I chose braces because I have never liked my teeth. They are classic "bucked" teeth. Although it never inhibited me in any way, I always wanted to get them fixed. Now I have finally got it together to do it so here I am! Thank God for Archwired.com...

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#7 Post by magster »

Braces for me.
I never smiled because I didnt like my smile :( and my parents couldnt afford them when I was younger so I got them since I have my own job and can pay for it myself :)
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#8 Post by tazzle »

same reason as lela ..... my deep bite is damaging my upper palate & lower gums and chipping / damaging teeth.

op as well to at last get a decent jaw alignment :wink:



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#9 Post by Bracefacegal »

I chose braces in order to avoid further problems down the road (I had a really bad bite).
It's never too late to fix your smile! :)

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#10 Post by browneyedgrl »

I chose braces because I had relaspe and bite issues, due to TMJ that was cause by an automobile accident 15 years ago.

It was much easier to go through the second time around. Due to get debanded next Tuesday 5/12.

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#11 Post by Cass »

Like a bunch of people, we couldn't afford it when I was younger. I never even let my mom know I was self-conscious because I didn't want her to think I was trying to guilt her into spending money we didn't have!

I also somehow thought that it was more embarrassing to have braces than to have crazy crowded teeth!

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#12 Post by sdawdy »

I wanted to close up all the gaps in my mouth. At the consult, I found out that there was lots more than just closing gaps. So, it was all for the good.

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#13 Post by SideKick3QT »

I have will not have mine for a few months but, I decided to get them because I have always hated my mouth when I talk. My bottom teeth are so crowded. I have always been self conscious about it. Now that I am older, I can handle my issues with my teeth because my parents neglected to do anything about it when I was younger. Why do people ignore what the dentists say? sigh

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Ive only been wearing my braces for 11 days but I decided to get braces at 29 b/c 1) my dentist said I have a closed bite which means when I smile or my mouth's closed my top teeth touch my bottom gum line & if I didnt get it corrected my bottom gum line would start to receed & it would damage my top & bottom teeth. I also had alot of grinding & lock jaw while sleeping 2) I always wanted them, I dont have a bad smile but I have a small gap between my top teeth & my bottom front teeth are a little crooked so I want a perfect smile plus I only have to wear them for 1yr

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#15 Post by DireWire »

Easy: I got them because I was suddenly developing strong muscle pain / TMJ. For those who don't know, it meant I couldn't eat anything because chewing was too painful. I went to the Ortho straight away.

He got me out of pain quickly, but it was obvious to me that I had to correct the cause and not the symptom.

To add to this, my dentist had long told me that braces would be a god idea for me, to (i) avoid TMJ, (ii) lessen the crowding so (iii) my gum stays healthy.

I should have gone earlier than with my 47. Waiting didn't help.

3 more weeks to go, and I'm out of braces :) ... and in retainers :(

Bite plate gone for good after @3 mths

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